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You Could Do That: 7 Weird Jobs

As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I always identified people by their jobs–guys like Joe the cab driver and Tony the fireman. It made differentiating between people with the same name easier, and I was convinced these jobs were reflections of their true personalities. As I grew up, though, I came to realize that a person’s job does not define them. Take these 7 weird–very weird–jobs that you probably haven’t considered:

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Bingo Manager

Gambling is big business, and bingo is a big part of it. The game is no longer limited to smoke-filled church basements with women of a certain age, however. High stakes bingo games are now everywhere from casinos to cruise ships, and serious players regularly monitor more than a dozen cards per game. Bingo managers are responsible for overseeing the entire operation, from ensuring the balls are in good order to resolving customer complaints.

Chick Sexer

This is not what it sounds like, and you should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking such a thing! The chicks in this instance are of the fowl variety. Newly-hatched chickens and ducks, which appear identical to the untrained eye, need to be separated in order to gauge their market value. The sex of chicks is determined by gently squeezing a little poop out of the bird and looking for a tiny bump. Males have the bump while females do not, which is sort of important if you are in the egg business.

Snake Milker

Venomous snakes are extremely important for the development and production of certain drugs, not the least of which is anti-venom. Pharmaceutical companies and researcher rely on a regular stream of fresh snake venom from almost all species. There is only one way to collect the venom, and that’s by hand: a snake milker must gently but securely hold the snake behind the head, applying enough pressure to cause the snake to expose its fangs so the venom can be collected.

Pet Food Taster

When pet food companies advertise that their dog or cat food tastes better than the competition’s, they’re not counting on Fido or Fluffy’s opinion. They’re basing their claims on the professional palates of pet food testers. Just like food tasters for humans, these specially trained pros evaluate sight, scent, texture and taste of pet foods. They provide feedback that helps improve the employer’s products. They also work in quality assurance to make sure each batch of food meets the manufacturer’s standards.

Fake Review Writer

Have you ever been to a really bad restaurant and wondered what the online reviewers were thinking when they raved about it? The fact is, they weren’t thinking about you or the food. They were thinking about getting paid! The explosion of online review sites has created a tremendous market for positive reviews that have no basis in reality beyond that they are written by real people. Before you rush off and start looking for this career opportunity, however, you should know that an increasing number of states have made the practice illegal.

Body Part Models

Even if you’re not tall and slender with perfectly chiseled features, there are still lots of modeling opportunities if you’ve got exceptionally attractive hands or feet (and in some cases, decidedly unattractive hands or feet). Body part models are used for all sorts of assignments in print and video. Hand models are the most common of these specialty models, followed by feet. Butts and abdomens are also in demand.

Human Statue

If your idea of a great day at work involves doing nothing but sitting or standing around, then being a human statue might be the job for you. The primary requirement is the ability to remain motionless for extended periods of time, regardless of what is done or said around you. Wearing make-up and costumes, human statues do everything from depict classic works of art to become platforms for displaying merchandise. Opportunities in this field range from private parties to pubic presentations.

Photo credit: flickr

Frank Addessi Born and raised in the center of the known universe, Brooklyn NY, and currently hiding out in the bucolic hills of northeast Pennsylvania writing about personal finance. His expertise includes personal loans, credit cards and retirement. It's not easy living the American Dream but someone has to do it!
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