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Vijay Maharaj

Home Buying, Student Loan and Credit Expert

Vijay Maharaj is a writer who covers a variety of personal finance topics for SmartAsset. Vijay is an expert in all things higher education, home buying and credit.

Posts by Vijay Maharaj:

by Vijay Maharaj Feb 19, 2016

Whether applying for a home mortgage, buying or leasing a car, or even getting a new cell phone plan, odds are good that a credit check is going to be run. The basic idea is to see how likely it would be for the borrower or customer to not pay their bills. Easy enough, right? Getting to that determination is rather extensive, and it all starts with a credit report. Read more

by Vijay Maharaj Dec 17, 2014

It is so easy to manage your finances online. Paying bills, transferring funds, and buying anything you could possibly need is becoming the new norm. With the dramatic increase in online activity, it comes as no surprise that cyber crimes are also on the rise. The Internet Crime Report for 2012 shows an estimated $525,441,110 was lost due to cyber crime, an 8.3% increase from 2011. You can buck the trend by protecting yourself in a few easy steps Read more

by Vijay Maharaj Dec 17, 2014

For many college students, paying hundreds of dollars for textbooks seems like the biggest scam. Probably more so for those students that find that they barely use those said textbooks in their classes. Then the final insult comes when trying to sell those textbooks back to the college bookstore and getting a buyback offer that is hilariously low. For the savvy student there are ways to getting the most back from selling the textbooks. Read more

by Vijay Maharaj Dec 16, 2014

  Congratulations, you made it through the ringer of college. All those sleepless nights you spent cramming, hungover mornings and hazy afternoons paid off and you can now hang your fancy bit of… Read more

by Vijay Maharaj Jul 17, 2019

Student loans. No two words can cause so much dread and anger. However, for many students, it is one of the only viable options to fund a higher education. If there is one thing students really don’t… Read more

by Vijay Maharaj Dec 15, 2014

Jumping into the world of real estate can be quite a  shock. There are going to be times when industry jargon will be thrown at you like a 100 mph hot potato. Wikipedia and Investopedia can come in… Read more