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Tonya McCleary

Student Loan and Budget Expert

Tonya McCleary is a veteran TV journalist and manager, talent coach, managing editor for Exhale for Women Empowerment Magazine and author of "How to Get Your Kid in College and Live to Tell the Tale." She is an expert in financing higher education and saving on college costs. Tonya is also the owner of Tri M Media Marketing Maven LLC, providing crisis management and media-readiness coaching to businesses and athletes. For more info:

Posts by Tonya McCleary:

by Tonya McCleary Jun 19, 2018

I was recently perusing the 2013 Gallup survey on “Honesty/Ethics in Professions.” Those who participated in Gallup’s survey where give a simple prompt: “Please tell me how you would rate the honest and ethical standards of people in these different fields- very high, high, average, low or very low.” The resulting ranking was based on what percentage of those surveyed thought the profession had very high/high ethical standards. Read more

by Tonya McCleary Nov 07, 2017

Remember, Grease 2, and the song “back to school again?” (Yes, some of us are not embarrassed to admit we like it.) Well, when it’s time to wind down summer break and get ready for the school bell, there are some great ways to prepare. There are a few specific things parents of junior and senior high schoolers should consider now to get themselves and their kids for what will feel like a lightning-fast school year. Before you know it they’ll be headed off to college and, if you’re not careful, racking up the student loan debt. Read more

by Tonya McCleary Nov 07, 2017

I remember growing up as the youngest of seven siblings. My mother was both a working and a stay-at-home mom. My father worked sometimes three jobs just to make sure we had a roof over our heads and food in our stomachs every day. We didn’t have all that we wanted but we did have what we needed. I often remember my Dad driving home to us the importance of getting a “good” job. He also thought an education was important since he turned down a college scholarship to join the army and begin a family. Read more

by Tonya McCleary Jul 05, 2017

We’ve all heard the sanitized saying “life happens.” Well so does death, but most of us dread even the thought of it, so we push talk of it aside. When it comes to life insurance, we often leave that… Read more

by Tonya McCleary Dec 21, 2017

A recent business journal compared her to multi-billion dollar baby Oprah Winfrey, but talk-show host Charla Young is the first to admit she is flattered and even flabbergasted at the comparison. Read more

by Tonya McCleary Nov 07, 2017

Deciding which college is the best fit  is no easy task. There are all sorts of factors to consider which run the gamut from cost of the college and campus life to how big the institution is and what… Read more