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Thierry Godard

Home Buying, Savings and Budget Expert

Thierry Godard is a former Editor at SmartAsset who writes on a variety of personal finance issues. He is an expert on topics including home buying, saving money and budgeting. Thierry has a degree in Journalism from CUNY Baruch College.

Posts by Thierry Godard:

by Thierry Godard Feb 13, 2017

After moving in to your new home, you may find yourself asking… now what? You may feel lost about what steps to take now that the move-in process is complete. Here’s some questions to ask yourself and some things to be prepared for as you start to settle in. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

Buying a home is a rite of passage for most people, a phase of life that signifies a certain level of success and comfort. With so much information about how and what to buy when looking into the housing market, it is helpful to have a guide that boils down the basics of real estate shopping. SmartAsset can help you prep so you’re ready to dive right in. Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 14, 2018

While college costs continue to increase, students are becoming more creative on how to cut the costs associated with higher education.  The most common financial troubles college students fall into are usually due to a lack of oversight. Making a realistic budget can keep your spending in check, as seeing a bill for a $300 weekend and how it will impact you at the end of the semester can be a sobering realization. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 22, 2016

If you’re in the market for a new home, you’ll need to take a few steps to make sure your credit is the best it can be. Doing so will make securing a mortgage that much easier. SmartAsset put… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 23, 2014

  For generations past, home ownership was easily accessible to most young people with steady employment. However over the last past 30 years, the 20- and early 30-something demographic has lost a… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 04, 2017

Advancements in internet security technology have led to a proliferation of websites that offer bank-level security and the chance to organize your financial life in one way or another. Back in the… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

Whether or not you are in the market to buy a new home, there are certain real estate trends you simply need to be aware of. Whether it is understanding where the interest rates will be tomorrow,… Read more

by Thierry Godard May 18, 2018

Camping and hiking are wonderful, cheap ways to spend a weekend getting some exercise and enjoying the outdoors. Camping is a hobby that one can enjoy for his or her entire life. Getting out to the… Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 14, 2018

Interest rates are a percentage of the total amount being loaned to someone. The person paying off the loan is responsible for paying for the total amount of their loan as well as the interest rate… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jun 19, 2018

Whenever you obtain a mortgage, state and local governments enforce a mortgage recording tax to document the loan transaction. This fee is separate from mortgage interest and other annual property… Read more

by Thierry Godard Aug 14, 2017

Homeowners insurance (HOI) is a must-have for any homebuyer, and will likely be the most demanding portion of your budget. There are several different types of homeowners insurance and it is helpful… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 10, 2020

By:  Ankita Dewan The thought of living in your new home creates anticipation and excitement. The thought of moving in? Not so much. While the process does require time and effort, it doesn’t need to… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 24, 2019

Depending on the state in which you are buying or selling a home, you may be subject to a deed transfer tax. This fee is tacked onto the deed sale or transfer for a “real” property, defined as any… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 04, 2017

If you’re looking for a reminder that tax day (April 15th) is right around the corner, turn on your television. As soon as there’s a commercial break you will be assaulted by a never ending stream of… Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 10, 2015

Mobile apps for consumers can help you with everything from managing household finances to buying trendy items at cut-rate prices.  The power of personal finance, charitable giving, entrepreneurship,… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

VantageScore Solutions recently introduced a new credit scoring model. Introduced in March 2013 Vantage Score 3.0 has already established itself as one the most unique credit scoring systems in the… Read more

by Thierry Godard Sep 17, 2018

If you’re visiting SmartAsset, chances are you’re here because you’re interested in making smart personal finance decisions. Whether you’re looking for tips so you can save up to buy a home or are… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

Tax season is more than upon us, the official deadline is just one week away on April 15. While some can expect returns upon filing, there are others who have a tax liability — an amount owed by an… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 22, 2014

Earlier this week we reported on the White House’s intentions to mortgage- the ummm -White House. The whole thing was a bit of an April Fools joke, but all the numbers we used were very real, and… Read more

by Thierry Godard Apr 03, 2017

As a first-time homebuyer, you are taking on many new responsibilities. In the process you may grow a gray hair or two as you consider the seemingly endless stream of loans, properties, insurance… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 08, 2017

When buying a home, many desire a neighborhood with the best schools and the lowest crime rates. As a result, potential home buyers usually depend on what they know about a neighborhood before making… Read more

by Thierry Godard Aug 15, 2019

The stock market has become a volatile and unpredictable for average investors to gamble their hard-earned dollars. Savings accounts and CDs are completely useless, as average interest rates continue… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 23, 2019

Plenty of situations arise where homeowners suddenly have an extra property to deal with on their hands. Whether he or she has purchased a new home prior to selling a previous one, married someone,… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 07, 2017

Real estate taxes, or property taxes, are levies on property that the government requires owners to pay. The value of property has much to do with where we decide to live, our quality of life in… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 11, 2019

The process of securing a VA Loan is fairly straight forward, albeit it might take quite a while to finally procure one.  Remember since VA loans are government loans, the underwriting process can… Read more