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Thierry Godard

Home Buying, Savings and Budget Expert

Thierry Godard is a former Editor at SmartAsset who writes on a variety of personal finance issues. He is an expert on topics including home buying, saving money and budgeting. Thierry has a degree in Journalism from CUNY Baruch College.

Posts by Thierry Godard:

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Retirees and pensioners on fixed incomes are among the hardest hit in the recession. Some companies have developed ways to exploit their financial woes while disguising the solutions as “pension advances” rather than show their true nature. To seniors, these “cash now” offers may seem like the answer to money problems. Pension loan companies tell clients that these advances will turn future pension checks into hard cash today. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Ask anyone who wants to live a green lifestyle what’s holding them back. The number one reason is always cost. It’s expensive to buy green cleaners for your home, organic fruits and veggies and organic beauty products. For those motivated to adopt a green lifestyle, with a little time and planning, you can learn how to live green on a budget. We can help you get started with these 5 tips below. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 16, 2014

On mornings when I feel particularly proud of myself, I walk into my local coffee shop and get the works. I order a large iced frothy drink with extra whipped cream, plus an egg sandwich for breakfast, a granola bar as a mid-morning snack, and a pack of mints for later. Fast forward a week to when my coffee fund (a tin can full of spare change and singles) has all but run out, and I have to resort to digging around the crevices of my car for extra quarters. Or worse, I end up  pushing the envelope on the “leave a penny, take a penny” policy at the register. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 16, 2014

It’s hard to keep a family organized. Who am I kidding – it’s tough to keep yourself organized at times. Imagine trying to keep a household together with kids who are involved in activities and… Read more

by Thierry Godard May 21, 2018

Despite all of its traditions and connections to spirituality, yoga is a very physical activity that can produce fantastic results. Prolonged and consistent practice of yoga has proven to increase… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 16, 2014

More households than ever spend over half their income on housing. Rental housing costs increased by six percent from 2008 to 2011, while renters’ incomes dropped by over three percent during the… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 09, 2018

The Formula One Grand Prix of Monaco is one of the world’s most expensive and glamorous events. It is the one race on the Formula One calendar that epitomizes the excessive splendor of the sport. For… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 23, 2014

If you were to sit and think for a moment, the concept of growth in technology would visually represent the scene in Star Wars when the Millennium Falcon hits light speed. New apps, or updates for… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 31, 2019

Here are two words that strike terror in the hearts of any parents struggling to pay college tuition bills: Drama major! With student debt loads exceeding $1 trillion and youth unemployment levels… Read more

by Thierry Godard Apr 10, 2017

When it comes to saving money, timing is everything.  It takes more to be a super savvy spender and saver than just clipping coupons and comparing prices. The real spendthrifts out there know that in… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jan 21, 2020

Editorial Note: This content is not provided by the credit card issuer. Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jun 19, 2018

Just about everyone welcomes the first sign of spring with open arms. They can pack away the sweaters and coats, open the windows and plan outdoor activities. A definite change from cold, blistery… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jan 15, 2020

Investing in high yield bonds can be a great way to increase your returns, but they inherently come with a greater degree of risk. Many financial advisers automatically steer their clients away from… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 24, 2019

There is an ever constant trend growing in America with more couples living together before they are married. In fact, some studies and recent census data suggest that almost half of all adults in… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 09, 2018

There’s an ongoing debating about the actual value of higher education. Countless articles and studies depict the declining return on investment for students and families. Simply put college… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 23, 2019

There’s a new school of writers emerging in the arena of personal finance. They’re young, they’re fun, and they’re making financial responsibility cool. Since I’m older than them and still have… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

The first time I heard of Kickstarter was when a musician friend used it to publicly finance her new album.  Using only a webpage, endearing pleas for support and promises of thank-you swag in return… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

Subsidized student-loan interest rates may be set to double on July 1st. Which is pretty concerning for both college students and college graduates. Presently, federally subsidized loan interest… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 07, 2016

By Ankita Dewan Nolan Key Bushnell, American engineer, entrepreneur, and founder of Atari Inc., once said, “The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” Well, if you’re ready to take Mr. Bushnell… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 28, 2017

Managing finances can be tricky for anyone, but doing so tends to be particularly tricky for service members. Members of the armed forces and their families can receive a number of financial benefits… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 15, 2014

The old saying “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” was not created with your credit score in mind. Unless you have perfect credit (which you probably don’t), your credit score can always be improved.… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 21, 2018

For many young professionals and couples alike, purchasing a dream home is often a key milestone marker for financial success. However, without saving money for a down payment and a strong credit… Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 14, 2018

2006 may have been a forgettable year for most Americans.Unless you were a homeowner riding high on your ballooning net worth as home prices shot through the roof nationwide. If you were a  first… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jan 02, 2015

With vacation season quickly approaching, it’s nice to picture yourself on a tropical resort with a softball-sized coconut drink in your hands. To get there however, you might have to pinch some… Read more

by Thierry Godard Aug 20, 2018

Second to the purchase of your first home, buying a new vehicle is one of the largest investments you’ll make. This fact alone should compel potential buyers to exercise due diligence before signing… Read more