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Thierry Godard

Home Buying, Savings and Budget Expert

Thierry Godard is a former Editor at SmartAsset who writes on a variety of personal finance issues. He is an expert on topics including home buying, saving money and budgeting. Thierry has a degree in Journalism from CUNY Baruch College.

Posts by Thierry Godard:

by Thierry Godard May 21, 2018

The American prison system is massive. So massive that its estimated turnover of $74 billion eclipses the GDP of 133 nations. What is perhaps most unsettling about this fun fact is that it is the American taxpayer who foots the bill and is increasingly padding the pockets of publicly traded corporations like Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group. Combined both companies generated over $2.53 billion in revenue in 2012, and represent more than half of the private prison business. So what exactly makes the business of incarcerating Americans so lucrative? Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 27, 2017

Some platinum credit cards are free and accessible to consumers with solid credit history. For example neither Wells Fargo nor Discover’s platinum cards require fees. However other platinum credit cards require annual fees up to $450. So what makes having a platinum credit card so special and are the steep fees really worth it? Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

If you’re a part of the graduating class of 2013 you can consider yourself among the luckiest batch of recent college grads. Why? The job market for new graduates is considerably brighter than it has been in the past few years. A National Association of Colleges and Employers’ (NACE) survey demonstrates businesses plan to add between two and 13 percent additional college graduates in 2013 compared to 2012. NACE also reports salary expectations for 2013 grads should see an increase over five percent from previous years. Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Exercise, we all need it. The Center for Disease Control states that physical activity has the capacity to help manage our weight, reduce the risk of premature death, diabetes, heart disease, certain… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Workplace awkwardness is such a familiar phenomenon that a hugely popular television series, “The Office”, is based nearly entirely on corporate clumsiness in its many modes.  The US version of the… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

A recent article in the NY Times pointed out the effect of large Wall Street investors, such as The Blackstone Group and Colony Capital, on the housing recovery. In depressed regions such as parts of… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Unless you work at Facebook or Yahoo, chances are you didn’t receive a few months salary for your maternity leave. You will likely find yourself paying off medical bills and additional added expenses… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Car sharing services such as Zipcar, RelayRides and Getaround are all the rage around college campuses and among urban dwellers in crowded cities. In 2012, reports show some 800,000 belonged to car… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Apartment hunting in a major city is usually a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Just like choosing between buying and renting, you will likely have some tough decisions to make. Demand… Read more

by Thierry Godard May 18, 2018

Craft brewing, or more specifically home brewed craft beer has long been associated with beer nerds. You know, the kinds of people who spend a little too much time coiffing their mustaches, and… Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 14, 2018

It is a common occurrence: Sorting through old letters, crowded filing cabinets, and the corners of desk drawers often yields surprises like old savings bonds. Sometimes parents and other relatives… Read more

by Thierry Godard Jul 24, 2019

Purchasing a home or other large asset can be the thrill of a lifetime. Sometimes in the flurry of activity, there are decisions made that could come back to haunt you. No, this isn’t buyer’s remorse… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

Many of us have a family member or friend who seems to be unable to get it quite right with their finances. Whether they are our children, and are just starting out or an older relative or parent who… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

When I think about hard work and determination, I think of my grandparents. They were married young and were raising a family when they decided to take a leap and open a diner. They weren’t wealthy… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

  As the real estate market heats up across the country, certain markets have really gone into over-drive. Looking at the most recent data from Realtor.com, some of the hottest regions are the ones… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

As many police officers and lawyers will tell you, the best way to avoid a traffic ticket is to obey the law.  However, in the rare occurrence that you do infringe upon a traffic law, a ticket can be… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 21, 2016

It is a sad day when a debt settlement company is charged with the same type of fraud perpetrated by the creditors with whom they are pledging to define agreements with. This is exactly what happened… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

The dog days of summer are quickly approaching. For those with a serious sense of adventure that means one thing: road trips. You may be heading to a music festival like Bonnaroo, a historic tour of… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

If you are a homeowner, you are very familiar with the mortgage interest deduction you claim on your taxes each year. No doubt you are a big fan of it as well! But whether you have a mortgage now or… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 19, 2016

Have you ever filled out a credit card application at a booth because of what they were giving away? Maybe it was a T-shirt or a coupon? Perhaps it was an entry in a raffle to win a car? Chances are,… Read more

by Thierry Godard Mar 24, 2016

The past few years have not been kind to the housing market in the United States. Real estate values tanked in markets all over the country, and many who were over-leveraged now drive by and see new… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

One of the first things you learn in business school is that the goal of any corporation is to “maximize shareholder value.” In layman’s terms, it means, to make a profit. That is the foremost… Read more

by Thierry Godard Dec 17, 2014

The Affordable Care Act, aka Obama Care became law a few years ago. While some of the provisions of the law have already taken effect, the big stuff does not take effect until 2014. This monumental… Read more

by Thierry Godard Feb 11, 2020

In June, along with rising temperatures there are plenty of hot deals to out there for the savvy shopper. Continuing a series of best things to buy by month, here are a few items to buy in June and a… Read more

by Thierry Godard Oct 06, 2014

Renter’s insurance is one of the most ignored types of insurance. Mostly because  many never stop to think about what would happen if they lost their prized possessions in a fire, break-in or natural… Read more