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Susannah Snider, CFP®

Susannah Snider is the ​​Managing Editor of Financial Education at SmartAsset where she oversees the strategy and production of all expert-driven personal finance content, including commentary and columns from CFPs and other financial professionals. In addition, Susannah writes articles, newsletters, columns and commentary found on and syndication partner sites. She also serves as a spokesperson and quoted expert on a wide range of personal finance and financial planning topics, including retirement, investing, estate planning, mortgages, and more. Susannah earned her CFP designation in 2019 and leverages her expertise to easily explain complicated financial topics with an approachable tone. Prior to SmartAsset, Susannah was the Senior Editor for Financial Advisors at U.S. News & World Report. She also previously covered personal finance, careers, and college financing for U.S. News and worked as a staff writer for Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine. She is the recipient of the McGraw Fellowship for Business Journalism program and won the 2018 RTDNA/NEFE Excellence in Personal Finance Reporting award in the digital category. Susannah holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Rochester and a master's degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. Susannah has appeared as a personal finance expert on Cheddar, Fox & Friends, The Tavis Smiley Show, Your Money on Wharton Business Radio, Fox Business News and more.

Posts by Susannah Snider, CFP®

Ask an Advisor: Should a Financial Advisor Ask for My Risk Tolerance or Use Their Own 'Proven Strategy?'
Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: Should a Financial Advisor Ask for My Risk Tolerance or Use Their Own ‘Proven’ Investment Strategy?

Should a financial advisor ask me for my risk tolerance, then invest accordingly? Or do they use their own proven strategy? -Chris This question sets up a false dichotomy. These risk-related investing considerations are not mutually exclusive. Many financial advisors… Read more…

Data Studies

Financial Advisors Reveal How Investors Should Prepare for Potential U.S. Debt Default – 2023 Survey

If Congress doesn’t opt to raise or extend the nation’s debt limit, the United States may run out of the money needed to pay its bills. With this deadline approaching as early as June 1, SmartAsset asked financial advisors what they think will happen if the U.S. defaults and what they recommend clients do to prepare For… Read more…

Ask an Advisor: 'Am I Too Late?' I'm 68, Have No Investments and Only Have $60K Saved
Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: ‘Am I Too Late?’ I’m 68, Have No Investments and Only Have $60K Saved

At 68, I do not have any investments of any kind. My $80,000 condo is paid off, and I have $60,000 saved. Am I too late? -Bernhard It’s never too late to start investing and managing your money. But I… Read more…

Ask an Advisor: If I Have a Tax-Deferred 401(K). Can I Convert It to a Roth IRA Without Paying the Deferred Taxes When I Roll It Over?
Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: I Want to Roll Over My Money to a Roth IRA. How Do I Avoid Paying Taxes?

If I have a tax-deferred 401(k). Can I convert it to a Roth IRA without paying the deferred taxes when I roll it over? -Tommy Generally, the answer here is no. There’s typically no method to totally dodge taxes on… Read more…

Ask an Advisor: I Don't Need It 'Dumped Into My Checking Account.' What Can I Do With RMDs?
Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: I Don’t Need Them ‘Dumped Into My Checking Account.’ What Can I Do With RMDs?

I am approaching the time when I’ll take required minimum distributions (RMDs) from my individual retirement account (IRA). I am in a quandary about what I can do with this anticipated largesse of cash. I do not necessarily need the… Read more…

Ask an Advisor: How Can I Plan for Retirement When Social Security Is Uncertain?
Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: ‘I’m Depending on That Money.’ How Can I Plan to Retire When Republicans Are Threatening to Cut Social Security?

How can I plan to retire fully when the Republicans are threatening to cut Social Security? I’m almost 73, still working part-time and I’ve paid into Social Security my entire life. I’m depending on that money! -Karen Social Security benefits… Read more…

2023 SmartAsset Study: These Charts Shows Why You Shouldn’t Retire in a Down Market
Data Studies

These Charts Show Why You Shouldn’t Retire in a Down Market – 2023 Study

When it comes to retirement, timing is everything. And for retirees, good timing doesn’t just have to do with threading the needle on Social Security start dates or savvily initiating required minimum distributions (RMDs). It also has to do with… Read more…

Brokers, Take Notice: Industry Watchdogs Eye Reg. BI Compliance
Advisor Resources

Brokers, Take Notice: Industry Watchdogs Eye Reg BI Compliance

Financial professionals recently received a reminder that industry overseers are closely monitoring how firms are implementing standards and practices under Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). In mid-January, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) issued an annual report that, among other… Read more…

Data Studies

More Than 60% of Advisors Regularly Attend Conferences. Here Are the Most Popular Events for 2023

In 2023, financial advisors are dusting off their blazers, slapping on fresh name tags and marching back to conferences and professional events. The return to air-conditioned conference rooms and fluorescent-lit exhibitor halls comes three years after the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted professional conferences and events across industries. This year, however, advisors plan to attend old standbys… Read more…

Susannah Snider, CFP
Advisor Resources

Ask an Advisor: I Have a ‘Solid Understanding’ of Investment Strategies. So Why Should I Pay 1% to a Financial Advisor?

Is it worth paying a financial advisor to manage retirement funds if you are confident in your own financial investment strategies? I feel like I have a solid understanding of long-term investment strategies. And as such, I feel the roughly… Read more…