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Rebecca Lake

Home Buying, Retirement and Investing Expert

Rebecca Lake has been writing about the nuts and bolts of personal finance for nearly a decade. She is an expert in investing, retirement and home buying topics. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, CBS News, U.S. News & World Report and Investopedia. As a homeschooling mom of two, she's always looking for ways to make the most of every dollar.

Posts by Rebecca Lake:

by Rebecca Lake Feb 02, 2017

Besides high student loan debt and low wages, strict lending requirements are yet another barrier for many young adults who want to buy homes. Fortunately, there are programs like HomeReady that are designed to make getting a home loan more accessible for certain buyers, including those at the lower end of the income scale. If you’re a millennial who dreams of owning a home, keep reading to find out how the program works. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 25, 2018

Enlisting the help of a mortgage broker can make the home buying process run more smoothly. Brokers connect buyers with lenders so they can secure the most favorable mortgage loan terms possible. While they have a financial incentive to help you, it’s important to make sure you’re not paying too much. Here are some tips to keep in mind when working with mortgage brokers. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 24, 2018

Social Security benefits supplement existing savings in retirement and while they’re valuable to many seniors, they’re often misunderstood. In a recent survey, only 28% of participants earned a passing grade when quizzed on their knowledge about Social Security. Here’s a look at the most common things seniors get wrong when it comes to Social Security. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 09, 2019

Mortgages can cause a lot of headaches, but for many people they are the only route to a new home. For a select few, though, buying a home outright with cash might be possible. Regardless, having… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2017

With a traditional rewards credit card, you can earn miles, points or cash back. If you have an investment rewards card, however, you can use your rewards to save for retirement or fund your child’s… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 17, 2018

When you’re buying a home, one of the things you have to factor into your budget are closing costs. Typically, homebuyers spend between 2% and 5% of the purchase price on these expenses. If you agree… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 19, 2016

There’s a long list of things that you’ll have to complete before you can buy a house, including having the home appraised. That’s important because your mortgage lender will need an accurate… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 18, 2016

One of the most challenging aspects of raising teenagers is helping them develop good money management skills. Teaching them how to budget and save can help them build a solid financial foundation.… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 17, 2016

Selling a home can be stressful and the closer you get to finishing the deal, the brighter the light at the end of the tunnel. If the buyer backs out suddenly, however, that’ll put a major wrinkle in… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 18, 2016

The 2012 JOBS Act was designed to boost economic growth and make it easier for small businesses and startups to raise capital. Title III of the law deals specifically with equity crowdfunding and… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 16, 2016

Hiring a financial advisor might be a good idea if you need help managing your portfolio, planning your estate or working toward your long-term goals. Knowing that you can trust your advisor to make… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 17, 2016

When startups need additional funding to get off the ground, they can look for venture capitalists (VCs) who are willing to help them. Venture capitalists are investors who offer emerging companies… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 12, 2016

When it comes to the stock market, millennials aren’t exactly embracing it with open arms. Recent reports show that they hold most of their investments in cash. While cash is king in terms of… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 12, 2016

Incorporating real estate into your portfolio is a smart move if you want to diversify and include some insulation against market volatility. Investing in commercial real estate can offer you the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 10, 2016

Tying the knot means making a commitment to share every aspect of your life with your significant other. As you begin merging your money, one area that requires special attention is your retirement… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 05, 2018

By investing in real estate you can add diversity to your portfolio and spread out the amount of risk you’re taking on. What’s more, you can benefit from the fact that real estate investments have… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 09, 2016

Everyone wants to be able to retire comfortably, but making that dream a reality is easier said than done. Even if you’re socking money away here and there, there’s no guarantee that you’ll have… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 06, 2016

If you want to build a real estate empire without actually owning property, there are a couple of ways you can do it. You can go the crowdfunding route or put some cash into a real estate investment… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 14, 2018

If you’re nearing retirement (or you’ve already retired), you might think that your credit score doesn’t matter all that much anymore. You might be surprised, however, to learn that your credit score… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 02, 2016

Investing in real estate can be a good way to diversify your portfolio. And it can be particularly appealing to 20-somethings who are comfortable taking risks and who want to earn bigger returns. If… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 14, 2018

Opening an individual retirement account (IRA) can be an excellent way to supplement your 401(k) or another employer-sponsored retirement plan. A traditional IRA offers tax-deferred savings while a… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Aug 22, 2017

Marriage comes with certain perks and having two heads is better than one when it comes to building wealth. In order to avoid disagreements, it’s best to make sure that you and your partner are on… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 28, 2016

Investing wisely requires an understanding of how the market works. But you also need a certain degree of confidence in your decision-making abilities. If you’re not convinced that investing is a… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 28, 2016

Retirement planning is a hot topic and the research suggests that Americans are overwhelmingly unprepared. According to the Employee Benefits Research Institute, only 22% of workers say they’re very… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 26, 2016

Sometimes you just need to get away. But taking a break from your daily routine doesn’t always come cheap. According to a recent report, the average summer vacation cost $1,005 per person in 2015.… Read more