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Rebecca Lake

Home Buying, Retirement and Investing Expert

Rebecca Lake has been writing about the nuts and bolts of personal finance for nearly a decade. She is an expert in investing, retirement and home buying topics. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, CBS News, U.S. News & World Report and Investopedia. As a homeschooling mom of two, she's always looking for ways to make the most of every dollar.

Posts by Rebecca Lake:

by Rebecca Lake Jul 06, 2016

Lenders consider many factors when trying to decide whether to approve a homebuyer for a mortgage, including their debt-to-income ratio (the amount of debt payments someone’s making relative to their monthly gross income). If you’re saddled with credit card debt and student loans, paying them down can make qualifying for a home loan easier. But which one should you wipe out first? Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 05, 2016

If you want to buy a home, there are a number of things you’ll have to do before you can head over to the closing table. For example, one important item that you’ll need to include on your to-do list is getting a home inspection. But you shouldn’t rush to hire just anyone for the job. Before you hand over any cash to an inspector, here are six questions you’ll need to ask. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Aug 15, 2018

Flipping houses isn’t always as glamorous as it looks on TV. But it can be a great way to bring in a steady stream of investment income. To get started, you’ll need some cash to finance your renovation project. Luckily, there’s more than one way to get the money you need to flip a house. Check out the pros and cons of the different financing options that house flippers have. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 01, 2016

Confidence is an important trait to have as an investor, but there is such a thing as being over confident. A recent study provided some insight into the gap between investor expectations and the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Aug 06, 2018

Most people assume that once you hit retirement, it’s time to pack up and move someplace sunny. But surprisingly, many American seniors aren’t interested in straying too far from home. A survey from… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 29, 2016

Technology is constantly adding new dimensions to the way we do things and smart homes are poised to be the next big thing in real estate. Smart homes allow you to control lighting, electronics, door… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 28, 2016

Entrepreneurship has its perks and one of them is the ability to make wealth creation a reality if you’re running a successful business. Generating a high net worth as an entrepreneur requires some… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 24, 2018

Full retirement age is now 66 or 67, depending on the year you were born. But a recent survey revealed that one in four workers don’t plan to retire until after their 70th birthday. While some people… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2016

Thanks to tighter lending restrictions, buying a home can be tough. But it becomes even more of a challenge when you’re trying to sell a home at the same time. When the clock is ticking, you may feel… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 24, 2018

Cutting the apron strings is an important rite of passage for many parents but one thing that many of them fail to do is cut the purse strings while they’re at it. According to a recent survey, 6 in… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 24, 2016

Getting married means more than merging your lives – it’s also about joining your finances together. Handling money as a married couple can be challenging at any age but it can be especially tricky… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 21, 2016

Your mortgage is likely to be the biggest monthly expense associated with buying a home but there are plenty of smaller costs that can add up. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be one of them if… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Oct 19, 2018

Small-cap stocks are securities that are tied to companies whose market values often fall between $300 million and $2 billion. Adding some of them to your investment portfolio could be a good idea,… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 12, 2018

Investing in real estate can add diversity to your portfolio while creating a sustainable source of passive income. If you’re a high net worth investor, you may be able to expand your horizons beyond… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Sep 24, 2018

Planning for retirement involves more than just mapping out your savings strategy. You’ll need to know how much you can afford to spend once you leave the workforce. In the past, some financial… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 16, 2016

When you’re buying a home for the first time, you may encounter certain terms and phrases that you’ve never heard before. Once you’ve made an offer and entered into a contract with a seller, “due… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 30, 2019

Individuals with a high net worth tend to take a different approach to managing their money. Research shows that the rich and the ultra-rich set themselves apart from the Average Joe, particularly… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2017

Using a travel rewards card to pay for your next trip could be a smart move. This is especially true if you want to rack up miles, points or cash back on what you’re spending. The key to getting the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 13, 2016

A home is a valuable asset and it’s important to make sure you’re protecting your investment. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover losses resulting from fires, windstorms, hail and other natural… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2017

While you prepare for a vacation, it’s a good idea to know how you’re paying for your trip. Using a rewards credit card could be a great way to earn back some of what you spend. Choosing a card that… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Aug 20, 2018

Mortgage rules have undergone numerous changes since the housing collapse to ensure that only qualified buyers have access to loans. Meeting certain lenders’ requirements can be particularly… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 16, 2018

A well-planned summer vacation starts with working out the financial details so you don’t go over budget. One of the things that vacationers often forget to factor into their calculations are the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 21, 2018

Buying a home means making lots of decisions and one of them centers on how you’ll pay your homeowners insurance and property taxes each year. Depending on the kind of mortgage loan you’re pursuing… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 07, 2016

If you live in a rural area, getting a mortgage through the U.S. Department of Agriculture could be a good way to save money on your home purchase. Qualifying buyers can get a USDA loan without… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Feb 08, 2017

Summer is right around the corner. If you haven’t already figured out how you’re going to spend your days off, now’s a good time to start planning. Besides figuring out where you want to jet off to,… Read more