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Rebecca Lake

Home Buying, Retirement and Investing Expert

Rebecca Lake has been writing about the nuts and bolts of personal finance for nearly a decade. She is an expert in investing, retirement and home buying topics. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Business Insider, CBS News, U.S. News & World Report and Investopedia. As a homeschooling mom of two, she's always looking for ways to make the most of every dollar.

Posts by Rebecca Lake:

by Rebecca Lake Jul 15, 2019

Planning for retirement can be a lifelong process and the sooner you begin, the longer your savings and investments have to grow. But retirement is more than just a numbers game. While it’s important to have a clear financial goal to work towards, it’s just as important to define what retirement means to you. The government has one standard for retirement, but your vision may look differently. Understanding what kind of lifestyle you’d like to enjoy in your later years can help you create a solid plan for reaching it. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 12, 2019

When you need money to pay for college expenses, tapping your Roth IRA is one option you might consider. While a Roth IRA is designed to help you save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis, it’s possible to use money in your account to fund college costs for yourself, your spouse or your children. Before pulling money from your Roth IRA for college tuition or other education expenses, get to know the pros and cons.  Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 09, 2019

Setting goals for your money is the first step in designing a sound financial plan. Whether you hope to save and invest enough to retire early or simply need to build up an emergency fund, the right financial strategy can strengthen your efforts in reaching those goals. If you need some direction on which tactics work best, here are 10 ways to improve your odds of achieving financial success. Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 09, 2019

When filing taxes, it’s important to make sure you’re reporting all of your income correctly. That includes making note of early distributions from qualified retirement plans or other tax-favored… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 08, 2019

Unexpected expenses may compel you to tap your individual retirement account ahead of schedule. And with most plans, the government will impose a 10% penalty if you withdraw funds before you reach… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 02, 2019

A 401(k) is the most common type of employer-sponsored retirement plan but certain employees may have access to a 414(h) plan instead. A 414(h) plan, also called a pick-up plan, offers people who… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 01, 2019

A Roth IRA affords some key tax benefits for savers, chiefly the ability to make 100% tax-free withdrawals in retirement. Typically, the scope of investments available through an IRA is determined by… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 28, 2019

Mutual funds can simplify the diversification of your portfolio. Mutual fund share classes will determine just how much that diversification will cost. While mutual funds will let you invest in a… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2019

Tax benefits and automatic deductions make a 401(k) plan one of the most powerful tools for retirement savings. Between your regular contributions, matching contributions from your employer and the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jun 27, 2019

If you’re self-employed or a freelancer, you likely get paid as an independent contractor rather than an employee. The IRS defines an independent contractor as someone who performs work for someone… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 09, 2019

Social Security benefits, when combined with savings from a 401(k) and individual retirement account, can help you retire the way you want. Of course, not everyone earns the same amount from Uncle… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 30, 2019

A Roth 403(b) plan is one type of tax-advantaged, employer-sponsored retirement savings account. While these plans share some similarities with 401(k) plans, they have certain characteristics that… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 29, 2019

As you invest and build a portfolio, you’re likely to encounter common investing terms, such as “risk tolerance” or “diversification.” One term you may be less familiar with is “stock buyback”. In a… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 20, 2019

Having a plan for your finances is crucial, and a comprehensive financial plan may include budgeting, saving, investing, paying off debt and creating a roadmap to retirement. Working with a financial… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 20, 2019

When an investment underperforms, tax-loss harvesting is a way to offset the tax impact of capital gains while maintaining your preferred asset allocation. Some robo-advisors even automate this… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 22, 2019

Stock correlation describes the relationship that exists between two stocks and their respective price movements. It can also refer to the relationship between stocks and other asset classes, such as… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Jul 15, 2019

Getting the timing right for retirement matters for your financial well-being. While many people relish the idea of starting their retirement ahead of schedule, retiring too early could leave you… Read more

by Rebecca Lake May 02, 2019

An M&A advisory firm guides businesses through the complicated world of mergers and acquisitions. While financial advisors mostly work with individuals, M&A firms primarily offer advice to businesses… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 26, 2019

The sole proprietor 401(k) is a retirement plan designed for small-business owners who don’t have any employees or only a spouse as their sole employee. It allows participants to invest more money… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 25, 2019

Growing wealth for the long term is likely one of your most important financial goals. To do that effectively, you may want to work with a financial advisor who has similar values to yours. Christian… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 24, 2019

Choosing a mortgage is an integral part of the home buying process. Opting for a 15-year mortgage term instead of the traditional 30-year term seems like a smart move, right? Not necessarily. Going… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 22, 2019

The first step in planning for retirement involves forming a clear vision of the lifestyle you want to enjoy in retirement. Often that means pulling up stakes and moving to another location in the… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 10, 2019

While it’s possible to manage your assets and grow your wealth yourself, many people seek the advice of a professional. As you seek out a financial advisor, you might encounter many certifications… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 10, 2019

A chartered financial analyst (CFA) is someone who holds a professional designation from the CFA Institute, an international association of financial professionals. CFAs primarily review individual… Read more

by Rebecca Lake Apr 01, 2019

Building an investment portfolio means determining the right mix of assets to help you reach your goals for the short and long term. One of the more conventional approaches financial advisors and… Read more