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Patrick Villanova

Personal Finance Expert

Patrick Villanova is a writer for SmartAsset, covering a variety of personal finance topics, including retirement and investing. Before joining SmartAsset, Patrick worked as an editor at The Jersey Journal. His work has also appeared on and in The Star-Ledger. Patrick is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire, where he studied English and developed his love of writing. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and watching his beloved New York sports teams. A New Jersey native, he currently lives in Jersey City.

Posts by Patrick Villanova:

by Patrick Villanova Nov 22, 2021

Is the surging stock market due for a slowdown? At least one financial services firm thinks so, warning that investors should prepare for a shifting landscape marked by lower returns and elevated risks. As part of its 2022 U.S. Retirement Market Outlook, T. Rowe Price notes that retirement savers should anticipate investment returns being lower in the midterm than in recent years. With the tailwinds that have buoyed global economies during the pandemic recovery likely to fade, those who are saving for retirement can take several steps to weather the potential drop-off in investment returns, including adding more growth-oriented assets to their portfolios, according to the T. Rowe Price report. A financial advisor can help you plan for the future, including saving for retirement. Find a local advisor today. Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 18, 2021

  Whether they’ll use savings, tax refunds or credit cards, Americans are poised to spend big once again this holiday season. According to an annual survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, consumers anticipate spending nearly $1,000 on gifts, holiday items and other non-gift purchases. Despite supply chain challenges that continue to plague the economy, the $997.73 that American adults will drop on the holidays this year is on par with last year’s average. Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 17, 2021

The federal government is reportedly set to enter uncharted waters in 2022 when it begins buying mortgages of nearly $1 million. Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 16, 2021

Not everyone retires in Florida. For some, the Northeast is a preferable retirement destination for its seasonal changes, blend of cities and countryside, and rich history. Despite generally high… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 16, 2021

Is the 4% Rule no longer a viable strategy for withdrawing retirement savings? That’s the question Morningstar researchers asked when they reexamined this well-known rule of thumb. Developed in the… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 13, 2021

A decades-old provision that limits the Social Security benefits of nearly 2 million public-sector retirees and workers could be headed to the chopping block. Legislation recently introduced by U.S.… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 11, 2021

Charitable giving increased by 5.1% in 2020, as Americans donated $471.44 billion during a year defined by COVID-19. Of those donations, 28% went to religious organizations, 15% to education and 14%… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 09, 2021

After months of debate and delay, President Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan has passed the U.S. House of Representatives. The bill, which invests in the nation’s roads, bridges and ports,… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 09, 2021

The rising price of goods and services has been one of the inescapable realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Inflation hit 5.4% in June, a level not seen in the U.S. for nearly 13 years, and remained… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 04, 2021

In a world dominated by Amazon and e-commerce, commercial real estate may not seem like a promising asset class for investors. But brick-and-mortar retail isn’t dead  — and neither is commercial real… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 05, 2021

When the time comes for members of the American military to hang up their uniforms for good, they’ll inevitably face the same question anyone else asks themselves when nearing retirement: Where will… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

The eyes of the world are on Glasgow, Scotland, where nearly every nation on Earth is participating in the United Nations Climate Change Conference. While the COVID-19 pandemic postponed last year’s… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

Receiving an inheritance from a family member can create a large windfall of cash, and with it, new financial opportunities. What you do with the money will depend on the size of the inheritance,… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 29, 2021

Fixed-income securities play an important role within individual investment portfolios and the economy at large. But like other securities, fixed-income instruments come in a myriad of variations,… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

If you have $10 million, you are among the wealthiest people in the United States. The 2021 Wealth Report published by London-based real estate agency Knight Frank classifies the top 1% as Americans… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

A financial planner is a type of financial advisor who can help you set and meet long-term goals like saving for your children’s college education, retiring by a certain age or planning out your… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

If you think financial advisors are only in the business of managing money, think again. Many advisors also offer financial planning services and help you plan for retirement, save for a child’s… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 01, 2021

While there may not be a more common or consequential financial question then “how much money do I need to retire?,” there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. One person’s retirement income needs will… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 29, 2021

The gift tax is a federal levy on the transfer of money or property to another person when equal value is not received in return. While it may sound cumbersome, most Americans will never pay a cent… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 29, 2021

A fiduciary is an individual or entity that acts on behalf of another person or group. Whether they are financial advisors, lawyers, trustees and more, fiduciaries assume a legal and ethical… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Nov 11, 2021

Long-term care is a wide-ranging and often-overlooked component of retirement planning. It runs the gamut from occasional help with cooking and cleaning to around-the-clock care provided in a nursing… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 28, 2021

Historical returns and underlying investments aren’t the only metrics to consider when selecting mutual funds. A fund’s expense ratio, the internal operating costs paid by investors, is also an… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 27, 2021

From doctors visits to business meetings, the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted so many of our everyday interactions from in person to online. One silver lining of this dramatic change has been increased… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 26, 2021

The first year of homeownership can often be the most expensive, especially when paying a sizable down payment and taking closing costs into account. More times than not, the most affordable places… Read more

by Patrick Villanova Oct 21, 2021

Big changes to Social Security could be coming. A new proposal from U.S. Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) calls for a benefit bump for current and new Social Security beneficiaries, an overhaul to how the… Read more