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Lee Huffman

Personal Finance Expert

Posts by Lee Huffman:

by Lee Huffman Aug 04, 2022

When the market fluctuates, some investors get scared and want to eliminate risk from their portfolios. Risk-free assets provide a safe harbor against market volatility, but that safety comes at a cost. These investments tend to have low rates of return, which can reduce your ability to meet your financial goals. Learn what risk-free assets are, their pros and cons and if they belong in your portfolio. A financial advisor could help you put a retirement plan together for your goals and needs. Read more

by Lee Huffman Aug 04, 2022

An investor’s appetite for risk fluctuates over time. When the economy is performing well, and the market is rising, many investors want to buy riskier assets. This is known as a “risk-on” market. Understanding how risk-on assets work can help you determine if they’re right for your portfolio. You can also work with a financial advisor who can make sure you’re investing in the right assets to help you achieve your individual goals.  Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 27, 2022

Life can throw your curveballs. Whether it’s a surprise expense, sudden job loss or unexpected opportunity, having quick access to cash is key. An emergency fund protects you from the unexpected so you don’t have to go into debt. Let’s break down how much you should have for your situation and how to get started. A financial advisor can help you lower your taxes by optimizing your investments with a tax plan. Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 27, 2022

When your pension matures, there are multiple distribution options that you can choose from. Unfortunately, many of these distribution methods result in a tax liability that reduces your payout.… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 19, 2022

When someone dies, those left behind can struggle to pay off debt, replace that lost income, cover burial costs and more. Investors purchase life insurance to address those financial concerns and… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 18, 2022

People buy life insurance to protect against financial loss when they die. But what happens if they don’t let anyone know about their policy? Their family could miss out on much-needed money to cover… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 13, 2022

Life insurance is a valuable tool that pays off debt and replaces income when someone dies. While some investors purchase individual term policies, others get group term life insurance from their… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 13, 2022

In uncertain economic times, many investors shift their portfolios to a defensive posture. These moves help to preserve capital and buy stocks that perform better in a recessionary environment.… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 07, 2022

Rising interest rates can wreak havoc on an investor’s portfolio. But there are moves that investors can make to protect their investments against loss and generate profits. Here’s what to invest in… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 07, 2022

As the Federal Reserve increases interest rates to combat inflation and prevent an overheated economy, the effects are felt throughout the economy and household finances. Many things that happen as a… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

With increased volatility, rising geopolitical tensions and soaring inflation, some investors see evidence that a tipping point is close by. If you’re concerned about your investments and want to… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

Winning or settling your lawsuit can be exhilarating. After you’ve received the settlement money and paid attorney fees, most people assume that the rest is theirs to keep. However, some settlements… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

When you’re considering buying into an annuity, it’s natural to wonder what kinds of returns they typically attain. The rate of return is an important factor in the growth of their portfolio and how… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

Investors use irrevocable trusts to protect their assets from creditors, lawsuits and estate taxes. However, when you sell a home in an irrevocable trust, that can complicate your tax situation. This… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

One of the common estate planning tips for investors is to get a trust to protect their assets. However, that advice is hardly specific enough. There are many types of trusts, and each has its unique… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jul 06, 2022

Filing taxes is one American pastime that many Americans dread. With so many complicated forms, rules and tax rates, most taxpayers need assistance to complete their returns. While some use software… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 24, 2022

When picking a financial advisor, investors have many options. You can work with an independent advisor or one from a major investment company. Since you already have a bank that you know and trust,… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 23, 2022

When searching for a financial advisor, you’ll come across numerous designations and licenses. It can be hard to understand what they mean and how they’re different. The CMA and CFA are two common… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 21, 2022

Being a financial advisor can be a career that helps people achieve their financial goals. And you’ll learn facts that will improve your own finances, too. To become a financial advisor, every state… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 16, 2022

Becoming a financial advisor can be a lucrative career where you help people reach their financial goals. In order to become a financial advisor, there are specific steps that you must take in order… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 13, 2022

Investors who want to piggyback on the growth of popular companies should look at ancillary businesses that grow in parallel because of their relationship to the popular business. For investors who… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 10, 2022

As you build wealth, you increasingly become a target for lawsuits. Lawyers often see wealthy investors as “deep pockets” that can financially right the wrongs that a plaintiff feels they’ve suffered… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 02, 2022

Annuities are an ideal option for investors seeking regular income in retirement. They pay out a fixed stream of payments on a monthly or annual basis that you can never outlive. Here’s how much you… Read more

by Lee Huffman Jun 02, 2022

When buying a home or refinancing an existing mortgage, if you don’t have a large enough down payment, you may have to purchase mortgage insurance. Some loans, such as an FHA loan, require that you… Read more

by Lee Huffman May 26, 2022

The primary mortgage market connects mortgage lenders with borrowers who want to buy or borrow against owner-occupied homes, vacation homes and investment properties. Most homeowners need a mortgage… Read more