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Jeremy Suschak, CFP®

Jeremy Suschak, CFP®, is a financial advisor and head of business development at D.B. Root & Company in Pittsburgh. He is a SmartAsset financial advisor columnist who answers reader questions on personal finance topics.

Posts by Jeremy Suschak, CFP®

Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: My Advisor Sold My Nvidia Stock When I Hired Him, Costing Me $50k in Potential Profits. How Do I Deal With It?

I’ve had a financial advisor, who is a certified financial planner (CFP), since December of last year. I really find his advice super valuable, but I can’t seem to get over the fact that he sold all of my Nvidia stock when he took over as my CFP. I had bought $20,000 worth of Nvidia… Read more…

Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: I Have $1 Million and Want It to Work for Me. How Do I Maximize Passive Income and Minimize Taxes?

I have a million dollars and I want to put it to work for me. Where can I put it to make the most amount of passive income from it? Also, how can I minimize taxes on that to be able to keep more of that money? – Andrea While today’s high-interest rate environment has… Read more…

Financial Advisor

Ask an Advisor: My Wife Claimed Social Security at 65. Can She Collect the Max Spousal Benefit When I Retire?

My wife started collecting Social Security at age 65, but it’s a tiny amount. I am planning on retiring in two years at 65 (67 is my full retirement age). Can my wife collect spousal benefits of 50% of my full retirement benefits once I retire? – James Unfortunately, the likely answer is “no,” although… Read more…