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Eric Reed

Retirement and Investing Expert

Eric Reed is a freelance journalist who specializes in economics, policy and global issues, with substantial coverage of finance and personal finance. He has contributed to outlets including The Street, CNBC, Glassdoor and Consumer Reports. Eric’s work focuses on the human impact of abstract issues, emphasizing analytical journalism that helps readers more fully understand their world and their money. He has reported from more than a dozen countries, with datelines that include Sao Paolo, Brazil; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; and Athens, Greece. A former attorney, before becoming a journalist Eric worked in securities litigation and white collar criminal defense with a pro bono specialty in human trafficking issues. He graduated from the University of Michigan Law School and can be found any given Saturday in the fall cheering on his Wolverines.

Posts by Eric Reed:

by Eric Reed Aug 19, 2021

Passive income can supplement the money you make from your job, compounding your finances and helping you build wealth more quickly. Or it can free up time in your schedule. On the other hand, it can chew up lots of your time and be one of the most difficult financial goals. Passive income in any meaningful quantity is usually difficult to earn. Whether you build something of value, buy income-generating property or set up a strong portfolio, this takes time and money. Consider working with a financial advisor as you seek to generate passive income. Read more

by Eric Reed Aug 18, 2021

Nearly half of all Americans depend on secondary work to get by. This is largely hidden from BLS and Census bureau data. According to the Census, 7.8% of Americans work more than one job. Having multiple streams of income is rapidly becoming how people save for retirement, get out of debt or just build up some spending money. That Etsy store might not pay all the bills, but done right it could certainly help a six-month emergency fund stretch a lot longer. Here are a few rules of thumb on creating multiple streams of income. Consider working with a financial advisor on how best to augment your income. Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 19, 2021

Do prices return to some sort of normal? Will housing prices naturally come back down, and the price of blockchain tokens stabilize? Do stock prices always bounce back after a crash, or is there even such a thing as a financial reset? The idea that markets can return to normal is what’s known as the reversion to the mean. Here’s what you need to know about this concept. If you’re having trouble grasping the numerous investing metrics, consider working with a financial advisor who can help you understand and apply the metrics. Read more

by Eric Reed Oct 13, 2022

Custodial accounts allow you to manage finances for a child or other minor. Usually, these types of accounts are set up by a parent, relative or guardian on behalf of a family member, although this… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 19, 2021

Index funds minimize risk by tracking a market metric, like the S&P 500 or a specific industry as a whole. Hedge funds maximize profits by taking high-risk positions and making investments that… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 14, 2021

The strangle is an options strategy that you create out of multiple options contracts to maximize your upside while minimizing your risk. With the strangle, you generally believe you know which… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 14, 2021

The straddle is an options trading strategy, so named for the shape it makes on a pricing chart; your position literally “straddles” the price of the underlying asset. With the straddle, you trade on… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 14, 2021

Investors use many metrics to pick stocks. Some pursue certain industries, for example, while others invest based on price changes and trends. One common strategy is to focus your trading on either… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 09, 2021

In the last few years, something called a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC), has become a popular way to raise capital. A SPAC, also known as a blank check company, bears some resemblance to… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 14, 2021

The foreign currency market (“forex”) has a lot in common with the stock market. Both are speculative ways of investing, meaning that they offer higher risks and higher rewards than many other assets… Read more

by Eric Reed Apr 04, 2022

Investors tend to use the terms “stock” and “share” interchangeably, and usually that’s fine. A stock comes in shares and you buy a share of stock. But these ideas aren’t always interchangeable.… Read more

by Eric Reed Jul 08, 2021

Micro futures allow investors to trade against the stock market at large. They’re priced so that ordinary investors can afford to trade futures on the major market indices, which have otherwise… Read more

by Eric Reed Jun 21, 2021

Exchange-traded funds (ETF) generally offer two strategies for investing. One approach emphasizes traditional capital gains growth. As products listed on an exchange, ETFs are highly liquid assets.… Read more

by Eric Reed Jun 21, 2021

The dividend record date establishes when shareholders are eligible to receive dividend payments. Anyone who owns shares before the record date will collect the dividend, while anyone who owns shares… Read more

by Eric Reed Jun 21, 2021

When it works, dividend growth investing is a best-case scenario for income investing. In this strategy you buy a stock that not only grows in value year after year, but it also pays you a steady… Read more

by Eric Reed Jun 21, 2021

Investment income is an umbrella term that includes just about any money you make from buying, holding and selling assets. However, there are three main forms of investment income, which we discuss… Read more

by Eric Reed Jun 10, 2021

When you assign someone power of attorney you give them the authority to make decisions for you and on your behalf. Whatever the agent, as this person is called, decides will be as binding as if you… Read more

by Eric Reed May 27, 2021

Failing health often robs people of their agency. Whether due to age or illness, many hospital patients can’t effectively communicate their own wishes. For legal matters, this is handled through… Read more

by Eric Reed May 27, 2021

The FAANG stocks are a set of five high-value technology stocks. Together they make up nearly a fifth of the S&P 500’s total value. The “N” in FAANG stands for Netflix. One of the first major tech… Read more

by Eric Reed May 21, 2021

Every investment class needs someone to manage it. From the market makers and clearing houses that ensure stock trading to the bankers who move currencies around the world, markets are not natural… Read more

by Eric Reed May 19, 2021

A market sell-off happens when traders make a lot of sales very quickly. Sometimes a sell-off, which is a particularly aggressive form of a bear market, can encompass an entire market. Other times it… Read more

by Eric Reed May 19, 2021

Coinbase has taken cryptocurrency legitimate. At least, that’s the position of many in the cryptocurrency community who see the company’s IPO as proof that digital assets have arrived as mainstream… Read more

by Eric Reed May 12, 2021

Oil prices have had a remarkable year. Historically volatile, like most commodities, oil prices tumbled during the pandemic to the point where they dipped into negative territory, meaning it cost… Read more

by Eric Reed Aug 30, 2022

The Fama-French Three Factor model is a formula for calculating the rate of return on a given asset. Like many (if not most) such models, it offers an estimated value based on market factors at large… Read more

by Eric Reed Aug 15, 2022

You have probably heard of securitization. It’s a way of turning non-financial assets into liquid securities that investors can buy and sell. Despite its role in the market crash of 2008 and… Read more