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Elizabeth Smith

Credit Card, Savings and Retirement Expert

Liz Smith is a graduate of New York University and has been passionate about helping people make better financial decisions since her college days. Liz has been writing for SmartAsset for more than four years. Her areas of expertise include retirement, credit cards and savings. She also focuses on all money issues for millennials. Liz's articles have been featured across the web, including on AOL Finance, Business Insider and WNBC. The biggest personal finance mistake she sees people making: not contributing to retirement early in their careers.

Posts by Elizabeth Smith:

by Elizabeth Smith Jul 23, 2019

Bank-to-bank transfers allow consumers to move money electronically. Specifically, they allow someone to transfer money from an account with one bank to an account with another institution. If you’ve never used this service before, it might seem a little confusing. If you need some help understanding how it works, here’s what you should know about bank-to-bank transfers. Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Aug 09, 2016

A salary usually isn’t the only benefit in a job compensation package. Companies offer all sorts of perks from 401(k) plans and free snacks to stock options. Some of these benefits are extended to all employees while others are open for discussion or reserved for top performers. If you’re preparing to negotiate your next offer, here are six job benefits that could be worth fighting for. Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jul 18, 2019

We all know that it’s important to pay off our debt. But student loan debt can sometimes get lost in the shuffle when you’re trying to keep up with your other bills and financial obligations. If you happen to miss one student loan payment, there’s no need to panic. If you act quickly, you can prevent your mistake from ruining your credit score and jeopardizing your financial future. Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Feb 07, 2017

Choosing the right credit card can be intimidating. After all, there are lots of different ones to choose from. Generally, it’s a good idea to avoid credit cards that charge high fees. But in some… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jun 30, 2016

Diversifying your investment portfolio doesn’t just involve investing in different types of stocks or bonds. By investing in foreign markets, you can lower your overall investment risk and… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jun 29, 2016

Entering the “real world” after college can be scary. The job hunting process can be stressful and if your main concern is locking down a gig, it may be tempting to accept the first offer that a… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jul 09, 2018

Things have tightened up in the housing market since the housing crisis and lenders are looking at mortgage applications more closely. Lenders consider many factors before deciding whether to approve… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jun 20, 2016

There’s nothing wrong with investing in U.S. markets. But looking at foreign markets might open some doors and provide you with some new, lucrative opportunities that you didn’t have access to before… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jun 17, 2016

Filling your home with the right appliances can make your life easier. So whether you’re building your first home or you’re remodeling a house you’ve lived in for years, it’s important to choose… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Aug 01, 2019

You’ve probably heard of a trust – the magical inheritance that only an elite few are entitled to. But the truth is, a trust is a financial tool that can benefit anyone who wants control over how… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Feb 02, 2017

A rainy day doesn’t have to be a lazy day. If you’re stuck inside your house, there are plenty of ways to make the most of your free time. For example, if it’s been a while since you reviewed your… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Apr 07, 2016

Whether you are having a baby, moving into a new place or preparing to start a new business, there may come a time when you and your significant other have to transition from living off two incomes… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Apr 04, 2016

If you’re a working parent, you probably know how challenging it can be to raise a child and work a full-time job at the same time. As a result, some parents decide to leave the workforce entirely.… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Mar 18, 2016

Watching loved ones struggle with their personal finances is never fun, especially when you’re doing relatively well yourself. But before you rush to the aid of your mother, your brother or your… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Apr 17, 2019

Trying to pay off credit card debt can be stressful. But switching over to paperless billing can make it easier to manage your payments. When you sign up for this service, all of your account… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jul 16, 2018

You probably understand that saving for retirement is important, but you might not know exactly how to get started. Whether you’re able to participate in an employer-sponsored plan or not,… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Feb 11, 2016

Want to move up the ladder? Whether you’ve been holding down the same position for a while, you’re noticing internal shuffling or you just want to make yourself an irreplaceable employee from the get… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Feb 05, 2016

Everyone makes mistakes and every now and then, we say things that we later regret blurting out. But doing so at work can potentially be detrimental to your career path. Certain phrases and sayings… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Feb 04, 2016

Planning ahead and being aware of the kinds of bad habits you have can help you save more money every day. Some activities and expenses you may consider necessities could actually be eliminated to… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Sep 06, 2018

Participating in a 401(k) plan is one of the simplest ways to start planning for retirement. Unfortunately, not all employers offer this tax-advantaged savings plan. If you don’t have the opportunity… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Sep 06, 2018

Investments can be great wealth building tools that you can use to multiply your savings. But unfortunately, all of the research and counseling in the world can’t necessarily guarantee a high rate of… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Aug 01, 2019

Saving for the future can be intimidating. But you don’t want to put it off or settle for strategies that save you very little. There are plenty of ways to take charge of your finances now in order… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jan 14, 2016

Student loan debt can be crippling and loan default rates continue to rise as more and more borrowers struggle to make their monthly loan payments. You may have heard that debtors can file for… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jul 09, 2018

Many undergraduate students live on campus. Some start renting off-campus when they become upperclassmen. But as you graduate and begin pursuing a higher level of education, you might need to think… Read more

by Elizabeth Smith Jan 11, 2016

Whether you want to be more aggressive about paying off credit card debt and putting more into savings or you just want to live a more extravagant lifestyle, you’re probably ready to start earning… Read more