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Dori Zinn

Retirement and Investing Expert

Dori Zinn has been covering personal finance for nearly a decade. Her writing has appeared in Wirecutter, Quartz, Bankrate, Credit Karma, Huffington Post and other publications. She previously worked as a staff writer at Student Loan Hero. Zinn is a past president of the Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and won the national organization's "Chapter of the Year" award two years in a row while she was head of the chapter. She graduated with a bachelor's degree from Florida Atlantic University and currently lives in South Florida.

Posts by Dori Zinn:

by Dori Zinn Oct 01, 2022

With a checking account, you get a debit card to spend your cash nearly anywhere you wish. But many people can’t qualify for bank checking accounts, and in a world where card transactions are increasingly common, that’s a problem. This is why prepaid debit cards like NetSpend are a billion-dollar business, with more card options appearing each year. We’ll review some of the benefits NetSpend cards provide, as well as the fees and headaches. If you want to learn more about good spending habits and long-term goals, consulting with  a financial advisor may be a good next step. Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 06, 2019

Owning a home is an important goal for many people. But with mortgage, downpayment and credit requirements, many can’t yet afford to buy as soon as they’d like. For some  in this situation, rent-to-own homes are an attractive option. It can give motivated people a means to assume ownership in stages, although like many loan arrangements it carries some risks. We’ll explore the pros and cons of rent-to-own homes here, but consider a  consultation with a financial advisor to learn how home ownerships can benefit your long-term plans. Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 05, 2019

Many companies have a chief investment officer (CIO), someone who’s in charge of a company’s financial assets. They typically manage long-term investments, portfolios of securities, pension funds, ensure adequate liquidity and a team of financial experts. Not all companies need to hire a full-time CIO, who is sometimes a director, and some can’t afford such a full-time salaried position. Instead, some companies are better off outsourcing CIOs. Here’s what an outsourced chief investment officer (OCIO) is and when it’s a good time to hire one. Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 05, 2019

Financial professionals who plan on selling closed-ended funds, mutual funds, and variable products must follow a specific career path. They’ll take the Investment Company and Variable Contracts… Read more

by Dori Zinn Jan 15, 2020

Financial professionals seeking to gain more knowledge and expertise might look to exams and licenses to complete for further education and skills. For some, taking the General Securities Principal… Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 03, 2019

Investments come in many different forms. At one end are stocks, which are considered fairly high-risk, but can give you high returns. On the other end are low-risk investments, including the money… Read more

by Dori Zinn Oct 01, 2022

If you’re looking to maximize investment returns, perhaps you should think like a gambler. The Kelly criterion was used by horse racing gamblers in the late 1950s. Today, Warren Buffet and others use… Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 03, 2019

There was a time where finances and technology were separate, like church and state. If you needed money, you went to the bank. If you wanted to play games, you used a machine. But now, there is… Read more

by Dori Zinn Jan 14, 2020

If you own a company that is looking to get an initial public offering (IPO), you might need to raise equity capital from financial institutions. However, you can do that through equity capital… Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 02, 2019

A certified fund specialist (CFS) is a financial services professional who has acquired advanced expertise in choosing and managing mutual funds. The certification is typically obtained by those… Read more

by Dori Zinn Dec 02, 2019

Whether you’re a financial novice or a seasoned investor, getting some help from an expert might be good for you. If you need some help with financial planning, investing, or managing wealth a… Read more

by Dori Zinn Nov 29, 2021

Medicaid isn’t the easiest federal program to navigate. A Certified Medicaid Planner (CMP) can help. A CMP has expert-level experience with Medicaid program and can help people navigate both current… Read more

by Dori Zinn Jan 15, 2020

Assessing the value of a company or security can take a few different forms. You can measure all stocks or securities equally, or use market capitalization. Another choice: a price-weighted index, in… Read more

by Dori Zinn Oct 26, 2022

The hyper-volatility of GameStock shares in January 2021 forced questions about what exactly market manipulation is onto center stage. What had long been seen as something only unscrupulous Wall… Read more

by Dori Zinn Oct 22, 2019

If you’ve ever watched a financial news program or visited a website that covers the stock market, you might notice an endlessly cycling parade of numbers, symbols and abbreviations. These… Read more

by Dori Zinn Nov 11, 2022

If you’ve ever forgotten to cash a check or left old retirement accounts behind with a job, that money might have wound up in the care of the state government. After a certain period of time, usually… Read more

by Dori Zinn Sep 17, 2019

Creating a last will and testament is a common way to share your wishes for how you want your assets and affairs handled after you die. While it’s easy to proclaim that everyone should have a will,… Read more

by Dori Zinn Sep 16, 2019

When it comes to investing, the higher the risk the better the reward. But what if you don’t know what your risk level is? Your risk tolerance is the level of risk you’re willing to take with your… Read more

by Dori Zinn Feb 25, 2022

Your net worth is a good way to determine how much value you hold, but investable assets might be a better measure. And if you’re considering working with a financial advisor, it’s smart to know what… Read more

by Dori Zinn Aug 28, 2019

An operations professional takes on a lot of responsibility within the financial services industry. They bring clients aboard, receive and deliver funds and assets, collect payments, maintain… Read more

by Dori Zinn Aug 27, 2019

Day trading involves a degree of risk. Day traders are buying then selling or selling then buying the same security on the same day. The high-risk, high-frequency traders known as pattern day traders… Read more

by Dori Zinn Oct 27, 2020

The business cycle generally isn’t a out the cycles of an individual business, but about larger macroeconomic trends — and it normally follows a pretty standard set of stages, measured based on real… Read more

by Dori Zinn Mar 25, 2022

Financial advisors can earn money in various ways. They may be fee-only and get paid exclusively by a client for their services. Other are fee-based, meaning they’re compensated by clients as well as… Read more

by Dori Zinn Jul 30, 2019

A company can be more elective about who buys its shares if it sells them in a private placement. Shares sold in an initial public offering, or IPO, are offered to the general public and tend to… Read more

by Dori Zinn Jul 26, 2019

The Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (MSRB) exists because cities can’t always be trusted with their municipal bonds. Investing in bonds already involves a degree of risk. The MSRB exists to… Read more