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Derek Miller

Mortgage, Retirement and Budget Expert

Derek Miller is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he studied economics. He is passionate about using data to help people make better financial decisions. Derek is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®) and a member of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. He is a data journalist whose expertise is in finding the stories within the numbers. Derek's writing has been featured on Yahoo, AOL, and Huffington Post. He believes the biggest financial mistake people make is waiting too late to save for retirement and missing out on the wonders of compounding interest. Derek lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Derek Miller:

by Derek Miller Jul 20, 2017

Identity theft is a major problem in the U.S. Over 15 million people were victims of identity theft in 2016, a 15% increase from the year before. While everyone is at risk of having their identity stolen, some people are at increased risk. This is especially true when you look at state data. Some states have more elderly residents, one of the most targeted groups for identity theft, or have wealthier households, another prime candidate for attempted identity theft. Read more

by Derek Miller Jul 20, 2017

Many American cities are facing a housing supply crunch. Housing costs, especially in urban centers, are on the rise, and in cities like New York and Los Angeles large swaths of the population find themselves severely housing cost-burdened. People often want to live in places which offer the best value but when it comes to comparing different cities, it can be hard to determine which cities offer the most bang for your buck. Below SmartAsset compares quality of life factors and home prices to find the most undervalued cities. Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 11, 2017

Relying too much on credit cards to make ends meet is a bad habit to get into. Credit cards typically come with high interest rates and harsh penalties for late payment fees, meaning even small amounts of credit card debt can spiral out of control. Some states do a better job of staying on top of their credit card debt than others. Below SmartAsset looks at credit card usage data to find the states with the worst credit card habits. Read more

by Derek Miller Jun 08, 2017

Most golfers have a course in mind when they think of their favorite place to hit the links. But what about certain cities? With plenty of warm sunny days, affordable housing and a wide range of golf… Read more

by Derek Miller Apr 02, 2018

Texas is a large state with diverse regions. Whether you appreciate the beaches on the Gulf Coast, the rolling plains in the Panhandle or vibrant cities like Austin or Dallas, Texas has something for… Read more

by Derek Miller May 22, 2017

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has given nearly $12 billion back to consumers since 2011. In recent weeks however, President Trump has talked about firing CFPB Director Richard… Read more

by Derek Miller May 07, 2018

In Ohio, there are more women between the ages of 20 and 64 participating in the workforce than there are men doing so. And recently, SmartAsset found that Ohio’s capital, Columbus, is one of the… Read more

by Derek Miller May 18, 2017

Florida has some of the most volatile housing markets in the country. The Sunshine State was one of the worst affected during the subprime mortgage loan crisis, with mortgage delinquency rates… Read more

by Derek Miller Dec 08, 2017

The average American household earned $55,775 in 2015. That figure is up $2,000 from 2014 and $5,000 from 2011. With that number in mind, SmartAsset set out to answer the question of where are the… Read more

by Derek Miller May 11, 2017

So you want to raise your kids in the Golden State. The question is where? Are you a NorCal person, with its plethora of tech jobs and high costs of living? Or would you rather settle down in sunny… Read more

by Derek Miller May 04, 2017

The U.S. unemployment rate was 4.5% as of March 2017, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But in many states the jobs that are currently available and growing are not necessarily… Read more

by Derek Miller Jul 10, 2017

Marching. Donating to your favorite causes. Calling your congressman. You may be wondering what else you can do to make a difference in the current political climate. What about moving? Some 2016… Read more

by Derek Miller May 02, 2017

If you’re feeling frustrated with your financial company, you’re not alone. Many consumers have bank complaints or credit card complaints. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) was set up… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 10, 2018

Foreclosed houses can offer homebuyers a chance to invest in the housing market for far less money than they would normally be able to. But those steep discounts often come with some risk. There are… Read more

by Derek Miller May 09, 2017

All debt is not created equal. If you take on a mortgage to buy a house, that can be a smart move as long as you can afford it. Likewise, student loan debt is often considered to be “good debt” by… Read more

by Derek Miller Apr 18, 2017

Tax season is a time of high stress for many Americans. It’s also the time when some Americans receive an unexpected windfall in the form of a tax refund. According to the IRS, the average tax refund… Read more

by Derek Miller Dec 08, 2017

Running is more than a way to stay in shape. Sure, it’s great exercise, but runners also run as a way to explore new places, to test their limits and even participate in races to raise money for… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 30, 2017

Cities like San Francisco and New York tend to dominate the headlines when it comes to exploding housing markets. But there are plenty of smaller housing markets with tons of potential that don’t get… Read more

by Derek Miller Apr 14, 2017

Credit card complaints can be difficult to address. Sometimes credit card companies are hard to reach or it’s not clear who you should be complaining to. In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008,… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 15, 2017

In 2015, 73% of Americans had credit card debt, according the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Credit card debt can sneak up on you. One month you’re on top of it, making regular payments, and the… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 09, 2017

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing expenditures in the country. Nationwide healthcare costs reached over $10,000 per person in 2016 and that figure’s expected to grow at a 5.8% clip until 2025,… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 07, 2017

When looking to sell their house, most owners probably want to make a profit and sell the home for more than they paid for it. But the selling price isn’t the only factor to consider, there are… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 02, 2017

Calling all those bargain hunters with wanderlust! There is a lot of ground to be covered, literally, by judiciously using airline reward miles. For many people racking up reward miles has become a… Read more

by Derek Miller Apr 20, 2017

People take many factors into account when deciding where to buy a home. For some homebuyers access to good public schools is crucial, while for others safety is the top priority. Homebuyers may also… Read more

by Derek Miller Mar 02, 2017

Does retirement sometimes seem like a pipe dream? It’s true that incomes and jobs aren’t what they once were. Plus, planning for something 20, 30 or 40 years in the future can be difficult. But with… Read more