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Derek Miller

Mortgage, Retirement and Budget Expert

Derek Miller is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he studied economics. He is passionate about using data to help people make better financial decisions. Derek is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®) and a member of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. He is a data journalist whose expertise is in finding the stories within the numbers. Derek's writing has been featured on Yahoo, AOL, and Huffington Post. He believes the biggest financial mistake people make is waiting too late to save for retirement and missing out on the wonders of compounding interest. Derek lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Derek Miller:

by Derek Miller Dec 12, 2019

Just six years ago, the Census Bureau estimated there were only 880 breweries in America. But the craft beer revolution took off: By 2016, the Census Bureau pegged that number at 2,802, 2,605 of which belonged to the microbrewery category. In fact, nearly one in four U.S. counties can boast having a beer brewery within its borders. That all creates a healthy buzz for local economies. Those microbreweries employ 55,000 workers nationally and are responsible for an annual payroll of around $2.6 billion, some of which employees can sock away in their savings accounts. But for drinkers, who value variety and palatable prices, not all beer hubs are created equal. Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

The new year is a time to reflect on which aspects of our lives we can most improve. For many people, that may mean a remorseful peak into their savings account or a regretful pinch of the waistline. Statistically speaking, losing weight or eating healthier tends to dominate surveys of Americans’ new year’s resolutions — and for good reason: nearly 40% of U.S. adults were obese in 2016, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Protection (CDC). For many who dream of a healthier lifestyle, though, it may be that their environments may be holding them back. In certain places, it’s easier and cheaper to stay in shape. Read more

by Derek Miller Dec 04, 2018

The fear of skyrocketing rents can consume the thoughts of Americans who don’t own their homes. Despite an improving economy and low unemployment rates, rent increases continue to chip away at earnings. And when residents are forced to devote ever-increasing portions of their paychecks to rent, the scenario not only impacts their ability to pad their savings accounts but also lowers their demand for other goods, hurting the city’s economy by extension. Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 28, 2018

Feel like you’re slogging away at the office with no reprieve in sight? Maybe you’re grinding out those long days to show your loyalty to your company and nab a promotion? Sure, some American cities… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Affordable housing markets are something of a rarity among big cities these days. This is especially true when you look at the cities with the strongest economies, like New York or San Francisco.… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

You may think you have a good sense of where in the country residents are making the most money. But the counties whose well-heeled, deep-pocketed denizens are pulling in the most coin may not… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Back in 1989, the average American could expect to live until 75. Roughly 27 years later, the average life expectancy in the U.S. has crept up to nearly 79 years. But while the increased life… Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 25, 2019

Manufacturing used to be one of the largest industries in America. In 1910, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that nearly one-third of workers worked in manufacturing. Today, that number has… Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 13, 2018

The average American family earns about $55,000 per year, according to Census Bureau estimates. Of course, that’s probably not enough to get by on in America’s most expensive cities, but there are… Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 07, 2018

Renters in America face an uphill battle to create space in their budgets for saving. In fact, the latest Census Bureau data reveals that nearly 10 million renting households spent at least 50% of… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Veterans are an important part of American society in light of their many sacrifices for our safety. They also make up a significant portion of our population: 7.3% of the 251 million Americans 18… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 30, 2018

Mid-sized cities can offer a good compromise between the unaffordable, congested big cities out there and the smaller, sleepy suburbs. But with so many mid-sized cities across the country, it isn’t… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Home prices are on the rise in America’s largest cities, and incomes are just not keeping up. Outside of the wealthiest residents, homeownership is not in the cards for many in those cities. Adding… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 24, 2018

It’s October, the creepiest month of the year, a time when many cities flaunt their ghosts, troubled spirits and haunted houses. But which locale can boast that it’s the spookiest in the U.S.? A… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 18, 2018

The American Dream of homeownership and financial independence is a hallmark of middle-class life. Indeed, working hard defines this cohort’s pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps sensibility. But… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 17, 2018

A sophisticated investment plan can mean an early retirement or just a retirement without financial stress. And whether they are relying on the expertise of a financial advisor to manage their… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 17, 2018

Finding the perfect city is difficult. You know you want to live somewhere with plentiful high-paying jobs. But you also want to balance a good job with affordable housing. That ideal scenario will… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 11, 2018

Are the robots going to steal your job or just free you up to tackle other needs at work? It’s a consideration that puts fear in the heart of the typical American employee. You see, on the positive… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Trick-or-treating is a high-reward, low-risk undertaking. That’s why people in the U.S. are particularly spirited about grabbing their pillow cases and hitting the streets. In fact, FiveThirtyEight… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 09, 2018

Between trade group meetings and professional development confabs, the American workforce attends a whole lot of conferences. According to the most recent data from forecasting company Oxford… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 04, 2018

Around 30% of workers nationwide do not have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. For these workers, independent retirement accounts like… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 04, 2018

Famously, Apple started out of a garage with little up-front cash. But your typical startup requires more than just a some empty space and a brilliant idea. To create a successful company, you need… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Who doesn’t want to retire early. Getting to retire in your 50s or early 60s can mean being able to do some of the things you’ve always dreamed of while you still have some youthful energy. But… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 21, 2019

Just 24% of taxpayers reported a charitable gift on their tax returns in 2015, according to a study from “The Chronicle of Philanthropy.” That’s down from a decade earlier when that figure routinely… Read more

by Derek Miller Sep 25, 2018

Minor league teams are a beloved tradition in many baseball towns across America. They offer fans many advantages that the major leagues can’t compete with. First off, minor league games are… Read more