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Derek Miller

Mortgage, Retirement and Budget Expert

Derek Miller is a graduate of the University of Edinburgh where he studied economics. He is passionate about using data to help people make better financial decisions. Derek is a Certified Educator in Personal Finance® (CEPF®) and a member of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing. He is a data journalist whose expertise is in finding the stories within the numbers. Derek's writing has been featured on Yahoo, AOL, and Huffington Post. He believes the biggest financial mistake people make is waiting too late to save for retirement and missing out on the wonders of compounding interest. Derek lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Derek Miller:

by Derek Miller Nov 16, 2016

Much has been written about rent increases in America’s largest cities. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that in cities like Boston, New York and San Francisco, rents have risen by 10-15% from 2012 to 2015. An interesting component of this discussion is the rise in incomes, as that often accompanies the rise in rent. We at SmartAsset were curious about the cities where incomes are rising faster than rents. Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 16, 2016

According to most research, a pay gap exists between men and women in the U.S. The numbers vary but for the working population over age 15 nationwide that gap is around 28%, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau. This means women make 72 cents on average for every dollar men do. And pay is not the only important metric to consider when it comes to workplace equality. Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 10, 2016

There were 4,821 fatal occupational injuries in America in 2014. That’s a 5% increase from 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While all workplaces take precautions to limit fatal accidents, there are some occupations for which the risk of fatal accidents is unfortunately much higher. Read more

by Derek Miller Apr 20, 2022

The process of readjusting to civilian life can be difficult for many veterans. One survey from Pew Research Center found that 32% of veterans said they had a somewhat difficult time reacclimating to… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 31, 2017

City dwellers can get pretty riled up when extolling the virtues of their chosen city. Just try talking to any New Yorker. But have you ever wondered how your city compares to others in practical… Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 03, 2016

Baseball may be America’s pastime but football, and the NFL in particular, is the most popular sport in America today. Last season the NFL made over $13 billion in revenue and 111.9 million people… Read more

by Derek Miller Oct 11, 2016

Looking back at 2005, it’s amazing to see how much the world has changed. Facebook was still in its infancy, iPhones didn’t yet exist and dial-up was still clinging to a dominant market share of the… Read more

by Derek Miller Nov 03, 2016

November is just around the corner, which means it’s almost time for Americans to go out and vote. However, there is wide disparity in voter turnout across the 50 states. In 2014, some states had as… Read more

by Derek Miller Sep 29, 2016

Ever since Samuel Slater brought the secrets of the English textile industry to America, manufacturing has been a big part of the American economy. From the New England textile mills to Pittsburgh’s… Read more

by Derek Miller Sep 15, 2016

Modern subway book lovers are in many ways like tango dancers. If they can’t get a seat, they bravely stand together, limbs interlocked for balance, books tenderly placed against noses, swaying… Read more

by Derek Miller Sep 07, 2016

Political season is upon us and it seems nearly impossible to escape political discussions. While some people enjoy arguing with those who have opposing viewpoints, others like to speak mostly with… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 30, 2016

Almost all political discussion today is centered around the question, “how will this affect the economy?” The issues which the Trump and Clinton camps base their campaigns around like immigration,… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 24, 2016

The Summer Olympics. It’s that event that comes every four years and enthralls Americans with dancing horses, synchronized swimmers and whatever that sport is which takes place in the velodrome. This… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 30, 2016

Depending on where you are in the world Americans have different reputations. Some perceive us as lazy, while others think of Americans as hustlers, who believe in working hard to get ahead. Data… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 16, 2016

Almost 2 out of every 3 Americans are overweight or obese, according to data from the 2009-2010 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. While the science behind dieting and obesity is not… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 02, 2016

Among all the beloved foods in America, pizza seems to be one of the most hotly debated. Due to its simplicity and loosely defined parameters (dough, cheese, sometimes sauce), just about everyone has… Read more

by Derek Miller Aug 23, 2017

It is common occurrence on American highways for near-accidents to occur. It is also a common occurrence on American highways for people in near-accidents, to look at the license plate of the near… Read more

by Derek Miller Jul 21, 2016

According to the 2015 Time Use Survey, Americans spend almost three hours per day watching TV and movies. But how Americans watch is changing. Thanks in large part to streaming services like Hulu and… Read more

by Derek Miller Jul 18, 2016

Owning your own business is a lot of work. While it can be rewarding, including financially, we were interested to see how opportunities compared for minority and non-minority business owners.… Read more

by Derek Miller Jul 05, 2016

If the American economy was the Titanic and the iceberg that sank the Titanic was the financial crisis, then STEM jobs would be the few available life boats rescuing passengers. Similar to the… Read more