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Ashley Chorpenning

Retirement, Investing and Budget Expert

Ashley Chorpenning is an experienced financial writer currently serving as an investment and insurance expert at SmartAsset. In addition to being a contributing writer at SmartAsset, she writes for solo entrepreneurs as well as for Fortune 500 companies. Ashley is a finance graduate of the University of Cincinnati. When she isn’t helping people understand their finances, you may find Ashley cage diving with great whites or on safari in South Africa.

Posts by Ashley Chorpenning:

by Ashley Chorpenning Oct 16, 2020

Vanguard and Fidelity are both brokerage firms, among the biggest in the country. Fidelity, based in Boston, is a broad financial services firm with many branches. Vanguard, located in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, is also a broad financial services firm, but its is especially known for its index mutual funds. It offers services similar to those of Fidelity — helping investors buy and sell securities and get ready for retirement. Each, though, has its own strengths and weaknesses that potential users should consider when deciding which firm they want to open an account with. For instance, Vanguard is famous for being simple and stressing low-cost, long-term investments. Fidelity is a bit more complicated, but might be the better choice for a sophisticated investor who is going to be making a lot of trades. This article will breakdown all the major similarities and differences between Vanguard and Fidelity and help you make a choice that is best for you and your family. If you’re looking… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

When choosing an investment, there are many ways to evaluate assets. Some investors use relative value, which compares potential investments. It includes measures such as liquidity, risk, and return. But how can investors use it? Is it the only choice when filling out your portfolio? Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

When making an investment decision, it helps to use all of the resources at your disposal. Investors often include net asset value when considering an investment. Net Asset Value (NAV) is one way to calculate the value of a mutual fund or an exchange-traded fund (ETF). Here’s how it works. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

The Black-Litterman (BL) model is a mathematical technique for creating investment portfolios that maximize return for a given level of risk while also limiting the influence of human bias. It was… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 08, 2020

After spending years anticipating retirement, you’ve decided to figure out how to retire in 10 years. All of your hard work and savings are about to pay off. However, you’re unsure of what steps you… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 08, 2020

Companies of all sizes repurchase outstanding shares of their stock for a variety of reasons. It can help boost share prices or save some shares as incentives for a company’s employees. Repurchased… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 27, 2020

Many Americans are retiring with little to no money. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 Planning & Progress Study, 15% of Americans have nothing at all saved, while 22% have less than $5,000… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 31, 2020

Investing in stock is a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially build wealth. Most investors tend to buy common stock. That security grants the stockholder partial equity ownership of a… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 31, 2020

Every investor has a different risk tolerance with regard to their investment selections. A risk profile is a broad view of an individual’s risk tolerance. A risk profile can also refer to potential… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 31, 2020

In recent years, interest rate swaps have become an important component of the fixed-income market. With an interest rate swap, investors will typically exchange or swap a fixed-interest payment for… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 27, 2020

News events can have an impact on the price of individual securities, as well as on market sectors and the stock market as a whole. This creates an opportunity for investors. The practice of managing… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 25, 2020

Stash and Acorns are money management apps that offer investors the opportunity to automate investment and savings. But which one is best? With all of the different features, fees and investment… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 22, 2020

It’s easy to get confused about what the terms “mutual fund” and “index fund” refer to. The two terms refer to distinct categories: “mutual fund” refers to a fund’s structure, whereas “index fund”… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 21, 2020

Individuals often list multiple people as heirs of real or tangible property. Unlike liquid assets like money or securities, which are relatively easy to divide among heirs, dividing properties can… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 21, 2020

A $10 million nest egg can last you decades, especially if you make smart investments that prioritize income generation. But, with all the options available, how do you know which ones are right for… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 14, 2020

Having $2 million to invest can ensure a lifetime income stream, provided it is wisely invested. So if you have managed to amass such a sum – whether through prudent money management, a lottery win… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 13, 2020

Investing in stocks is a great way to build wealth and save for retirement, especially when you’re younger. Fundamental and technical analysis can help you turn your stock market strategies into… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

  Some investors use annuities for a guaranteed income and as a retirement planning strategy. While there are many variations of annuities, two of the most common types are fixed and variable… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

Among the various kinds of annuities, which are contracts you sign with an insurance company to pay a premium for guaranteed income later, two of the most common are fixed and fixed indexed annuities… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

You may want to consider both annuities and life insurance for your long-term financial plan. Essentially, you purchase life insurance in the event you die sooner than expected and you buy an annuity… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 31, 2019

Hedge funds and mutual funds seem to confuse investors. Usually, rich investors favor hedge funds, while all different types of investors use mutual funds. Understanding a hedge fund vs mutual fund… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 02, 2021

Investors can use options to hedge their portfolio against loss. Also, they can help buy a stock for less than its current market value and increase gains. Call vs. put options are the two sides of… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 24, 2019

One of the most important tools that investors use to decide whether to buy or sell a security is its market value. It is often different from a security’s market price, though sometimes market value… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 23, 2019

A long position is what you take when you expect a security to rise in value. Someone who has taken a long position in a given security has purchased that security, or taken a long position with a… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 19, 2019

An asset allocation fund invests in a mix of asset classes, like stocks and bonds, in fixed percentages. It provides built-in diversification to investors. They can make it easier for the investor to… Read more