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Ashley Chorpenning

Retirement, Investing and Budget Expert

Ashley Chorpenning is an experienced financial writer currently serving as an investment and insurance expert at SmartAsset. In addition to being a contributing writer at SmartAsset, she writes for solo entrepreneurs as well as for Fortune 500 companies. Ashley is a finance graduate of the University of Cincinnati. When she isn’t helping people understand their finances, you may find Ashley cage diving with great whites or on safari in South Africa.

Posts by Ashley Chorpenning:

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 21, 2020

Individuals often list multiple people as heirs of real or tangible property. Unlike liquid assets like money or securities, which are relatively easy to divide among heirs, dividing properties can be more complicated. One option is to refinance an inherited property and buy out the heirs associated with that property. Here are the main steps in this process. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 21, 2020

A $10 million nest egg can last you decades, especially if you make smart investments that prioritize income generation. But, with all the options available, how do you know which ones are right for you? If you want to make wise investment decisions that can generate cash flow for years to come, here are a few investment options you may want to consider. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 14, 2020

Having $2 million to invest can ensure a lifetime income stream, provided it is wisely invested. So if you have managed to amass such a sum – whether through prudent money management, a lottery win or an inheritance – you should think long and hard about an investment portfolio that will turn your money into a reliable income stream. A financial advisor can put together an investing plan that does just that, but if you’d like to do it yourself, here are some investment options that can turn your money into income. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 07, 2020

Investing in stocks is a great way to build wealth and save for retirement. Choosing which stocks to invest in can be a challenge. That’s why investors turn to strategies like fundamental and… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

  Some investors use annuities for a guaranteed income and as a retirement planning strategy. While there are many variations of annuities, two of the most common types are fixed and variable… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

Among the various kinds of annuities, which are contracts you sign with an insurance company to pay a premium for guaranteed income later, two of the most common are fixed and fixed indexed annuities… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 15, 2020

You may want to consider both annuities and life insurance for your long-term financial plan. Essentially, you purchase life insurance in the event you die sooner than expected and you buy an annuity… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 31, 2019

Hedge funds and mutual funds seem to confuse investors. Usually, rich investors favor hedge funds, while all different types of investors use mutual funds. Understanding a hedge fund vs mutual fund… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 28, 2019

Investors can use options to hedge their portfolio against loss. Also, they can help buy a stock for less than its current market value and increase gains. Call vs put options are the two sides of… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 24, 2019

One of the most important tools that investors use to decide whether to buy or sell a security is its market value. It is often different from a security’s market price, though sometimes market value… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 23, 2019

A long position is what you take when you expect a security to rise in value. Someone who has taken a long position in a given security has purchased that security, or taken a long position with a… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 19, 2019

An asset allocation fund invests in a mix of asset classes, like stocks and bonds, in fixed percentages. It provides built-in diversification to investors. They can make it easier for the investor to… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 17, 2019

When selecting assets for a portfolio, it’s important to consider an investor’s risk tolerance. While some investors are willing to take on more risk to achieve a greater return, others may forgo any… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 11, 2019

If you’re looking for an investment strategy that may beat the market, active management may be worth considering. The goal of active management is to outperform a specific market index or, in a… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 21, 2020

Want to go beyond stocks, bonds and cash? Alternative investments can include everything from real estate to fine art. If you’re looking for another way to diversify your portfolio, alternative… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 08, 2020

Your time horizon is a crucial element of your investing plan. By understanding your time horizon you can select the most suitable investments to help you achieve your financial goals. Read on to… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 08, 2020

Due to trade war fears, policy uncertainty and a host of other factors, investors are leery about what the future holds for the stock market. But certain funds are designed to bet against the market… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 06, 2019

Whether they hedged against inflation or worried about the market crashing, investors regularly resorted to gold to offset risk. There are many ways to invest in gold, including gold mutual funds.… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Dec 06, 2019

Investors with an eye for growing economies can invest in emerging market funds such as a mutual fund and an ETF. Over the past 20 years, investors have found great success in countries such as China… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 08, 2020

Individuals who are turning 65 have a 70% chance of needing some form of long-term care during their remaining years. While the majority of these care needs fall under a short-term care plan, about… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 26, 2019

Before your long-term care insurance or disability insurance coverage kicks in, you may be disabled or hospitalized for a length of time. This period is known as the elimination period. Read on… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 23, 2019

Investing in both a 401(k) and Roth IRA can be a powerful combo for any retirement savings plan. That is, if you’re eligible. Here’s what to know about qualifying for a Roth IRA and how opening one… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 22, 2019

A Roth IRA is a smart way to grow your savings for the future. These investment accounts offer tax-free income when you retire. Of course, any return you see on a Roth IRA account depends on the… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 21, 2019

The world of finance is often challenging for many consumers. However, financial professionals who hold the Certified Financial Educator (CFEd) designation communicate complex financial ideas in… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Nov 21, 2019

Creating and sticking to a financial plan is challenging, if not impossible for many Americans. That’s why some enlist a financial advisor or consultant to keep them on track. Some partner with a… Read more