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Ashley Chorpenning

Retirement, Investing and Budget Expert

Ashley Chorpenning is an experienced financial writer currently serving as an investment and insurance expert at SmartAsset. In addition to being a contributing writer at SmartAsset, she writes for solo entrepreneurs as well as for Fortune 500 companies. Ashley is a finance graduate of the University of Cincinnati. When she isn’t helping people understand their finances, you may find Ashley cage diving with great whites or on safari in South Africa.

Posts by Ashley Chorpenning:

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 31, 2020

A survivorship clause in a will or trust stipulates that beneficiaries can only inherit if they live a certain number of days after the person who made the will or trust dies. These clauses aim to avoid situations where your assets would pass under your beneficiary’s estate plan, not yours, when the beneficiary only outlives you by a short time. While these situations are rare, you may want to consider adding this provision to your will or trust. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 31, 2020

Many people are unaware that you don’t have to wait until death to give or receive an inheritance. If you want to start giving to your heirs early, there are several ways you can do so. If you’re considering granting an early inheritance, here’s how gifting can be used to help your heirs achieve financial security before you pass away. Consider working with a financial professional to incorporate estate planning into your financial plan. Find a financial advisor today. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 24, 2020

When shopping for a healthcare plan, you’ll want to compare costs, size of the network and the flexibility of various plans. Two common types of healthcare plans are health maintenance organization (HMO) plans and preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. They differ in key ways that make them suited to different types of healthcare consumers. To help you determine which plan is right for you, here’s a breakdown of what each plan entails and the key differences. Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 20, 2020

India is known for its vibrant culture, with food, architecture and colorful festivals contributing to a cultural smorgasbord with a millenia-old history. Whether you’re a city dweller, a mountain… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 18, 2020

The Caribbean offers a sunny oasis for retirees. With the laid-back lifestyle, affordable healthcare, and tax incentives, retirees are drawn to the Caribbean islands. But before you throw your winter… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 17, 2020

Nicaragua is a small country in Central America that has coasts on both the Pacific Oceans and the Caribbean. The country also boasts mountainous regions and the largest lake in Central America, so… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 16, 2020

Malta is a small five-island archipelago 100 miles south of Sicily, Italy. This Mediterranean nation and European Union member offers spectacular cities and crystal-clear waters. It’s no wonder… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 06, 2020

While many retirees flock to warmer climates like Florida, others venture much farther south, with Chile one popular destination. From Mediterranean-like weather in the nation’s north, stunning… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 06, 2020

As one of the most welcoming and mysterious countries in Southeast Asia, Vietnam has a lot to offer retirees. With over 2,000 miles of coastline, small fishing villages, and ancient Buddhist temples,… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 06, 2020

Malaysia has a lot to offer retirees, from its sandy beaches to its extensive rainforests to its dazzling capital city of Kuala Lumpur. On top of all this, it also boasts relatively inexpensive… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 03, 2020

Uruguay has become a popular retirement destination due to its warm climate and affordable living. This South American country is located between Argentina and Brazil and is known for its friendly… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 28, 2020

Are you thinking of retiring in Australia? The Land Down Under makes for an appealing retirement destination, with its nautical culture, beautiful coastal areas and first-world amenities. But as with… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 28, 2020

Want to retire to a country known for lush landscapes and friendly locals? If so, you may want to consider Colombia. It’s become a favorite destination among American retirees in the last decade.… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 26, 2020

Unless you buy and sell specific securities on your own, it’s likely that you are paying fees to one or more investment managers for handling your investments. If you buy shares in a mutual fund, the… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 22, 2020

Do you like to see aggressive growth in your portfolio? Do you mind a little risk? You may be an aggressive investor. If you’re just getting use to this type of investing, you might wonder what your… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 22, 2020

Selecting a profitable investment is a challenging for many investors. Fortunately, investors can use investment analysis to help them determine how an investment will perform. Here are a few of the… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 21, 2020

Your credit score impacts several aspects of your financial life, including the interest rates you receive on loans and premiums you pay on auto insurance. As such, understanding how credit scores… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 21, 2020

If you’re looking for a platform for investing, you may consider two of the largest brokerage firms, Vanguard and Fidelity. Each offers plenty of low-cost funds, brokerage and retirement savings… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

When choosing an investment, there are many ways to evaluate assets. Some investors use relative value, which compares potential investments. It includes measures such as liquidity, risk, and return.… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

When making an investment decision, it helps to use all of the resources at your disposal. Investors often include net asset value when considering an investment. Net Asset Value (NAV) is one way to… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 14, 2020

The Black-Litterman (BL) model is a mathematical technique for creating investment portfolios that maximize return for a given level of risk while also limiting the influence of human bias. It was… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 08, 2020

After spending years anticipating retirement, you’ve decided to figure out how to retire in 10 years. All of your hard work and savings are about to pay off. However, you’re unsure of what steps you… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Feb 08, 2020

Companies of all sizes repurchase outstanding shares of their stock for a variety of reasons. It can help boost share prices or save some shares as incentives for a company’s employees. Repurchased… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Mar 27, 2020

Many Americans are retiring with little to no money. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 Planning & Progress Study, 15% of Americans have nothing at all saved, while 22% have less than $5,000… Read more

by Ashley Chorpenning Jan 31, 2020

Investing in stock is a great way to diversify your portfolio and potentially build wealth. Most investors tend to buy common stock. That security grants the stockholder partial equity ownership of a… Read more