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Arturo Conde

Personal Finance Expert

Arturo Conde is an editor at SmartAsset and a bilingual freelance journalist. He writes for NBC News and WhoWhatWhy. His articles have been published in Fusion, Univision, City Limits and the NACLA Report on the Americas.

Posts by Arturo Conde:

by Arturo Conde Feb 16, 2023

Many Americans save for retirement through 401(k)s. These accounts offer tax-deferred benefits, which means that your money can grow tax-free until you make a withdrawal. But for those who don’t have access to an employer-provided retirement account, or simply want to save additional money beyond the IRS limits for a 401(k), Morningstar says that taxable accounts used to buy and sell investment securities can help you save more for retirement. Here’s what you need to know. A financial advisor can help you create an investment plan for your retirement needs and goals. Read more

by Arturo Conde Oct 10, 2022

Two top 401(k) companies — Fidelity Investments and Vanguard — have teamed up with two information technology and services companies — Alight Solutions and Retirement Clearinghouse — to create an auto-portability network. If auto-portability gets adopted nationwide, these companies say that it can help Americans preserve $1.5 trillion in additional retirement savings. Let’s break down what this collaboration means, how auto-portability works and what you can do to avoid losing retirement money when you change jobs. If you need help with a 401(k) plan after switching jobs, a financial advisor can walk you through different options. Read more

by Arturo Conde Oct 10, 2022

Many long-term investors have championed the 60/40 portfolio, which holds 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds, as a classic investment strategy that can deliver risk-adjusted returns. But Morningstar says that persistent inflation and interest rate increases in 2022 have caused investors using this asset allocation mix to lose more money than if they had invested broadly in stocks. Let’s break down why the 60/40 portfolio is reaching historic lows and what investors can do to protect their money. A financial advisor can walk you through different asset allocation strategies to adjust your portfolio for inflation and rising interest rates. Read more

by Arturo Conde Oct 04, 2022

Health savings accounts (HSAs) have grown at an annual growth rate of 31% over the past 15 years. And a 2022 study by Morningstar says that HSA assets added up to $98 billion by the end of 2021.… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 30, 2022

Active fund managers make their reputation on helping investors navigate skillfully through volatile markets. But only 40% out of almost 3,000 active funds survived and outperformed average passive… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 26, 2022

Facing both inflation and a possible recession, retirement investors are under a lot of financial stress in 2022. And they are looking at their retirement plan providers for both information and… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 23, 2022

If you want to invest your money in a smart way, financial experts have recommended avoiding big, high-growth stocks in favor of value names that aren’t as popular. The basic strategy: identify… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 20, 2022

A 2022 retirement survey shows that almost one in three Americans believe that Social Security could run out of money and stop making payments. And another 31% expect that they will need to get… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 19, 2022

While inflation and market volatility loom over the U.S. economy, a new survey by Principal Financial Group shows that 59% of respondents plan to save more than $20,000 for retirement this year alone… Read more

by Arturo Conde Sep 22, 2022

Hispanics and Latinos have played a major role in the country’s population growth over the last decade. In fact, Hispanics and Latinos made up almost one-fifth of the country’s population in 2020 at… Read more

by Arturo Conde Aug 18, 2022

President Joe Biden has signed the Inflation Reduction Act into law. This legislation aims to pay down the national debt, lower energy costs and extend affordable healthcare coverage for millions of… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 17, 2023

A thousand workers told Schwab that they need an average of $1.7 million in savings to pay for retirement. But inflation, monthly expenses, stock market volatility and other retirement obstacles are… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 27, 2023

When it comes to saving for retirement, workers often choose between investing in a popular defined contribution (DC) plan like a 401(k) or an annuity. But the Teachers Insurance and Annuity… Read more

by Arturo Conde Jul 15, 2022

The IRS says that the average tax refund for returns filed in 2022 is $3,039. This is an increase of 7.5% when compared with 2021, which averaged $2,827. But for taxpayers expecting to get the same… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 27, 2023

The global investment management company BlackRock says that a sharp sell-off at the beginning of 2022 pushed down the value of municipal bonds and municipal closed-end funds. But now, lower… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 17, 2023

America is saving at an all-time high for retirement. But the global investment firm Vanguard says that just over half are falling short on reaching recommended retirement savings goals or failing to… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 30, 2023

Persistent inflation and rising mortgage rates are slowing down home sales. But a new study from the real estate website Zillow says that the housing market in cities could be better than in suburbs… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 19, 2022

Biden’s administration has authorized an American license to finance and invest in a private company in Cuba. This could be the first of its kind since the beginning of the U.S. embargo on the island… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 27, 2023

Billions of dollars are moved annually from 401(k) plans to IRAs. And starting in July, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) will mandate that all financial advisors and brokers comply with a higher… Read more

by Arturo Conde Mar 29, 2023

T. Rowe Price has identified two types of retirees and launched a retirement tool to serve their financial needs. The global investment management firm divides retirees into two categories: savers… Read more

by Arturo Conde Mar 09, 2022

J.P. Morgan Asset Management wants you to rethink how you will pay for retirement. The multinational investment bank says retirement investors should secure enough guaranteed income from pensions,… Read more

by Arturo Conde Mar 09, 2022

Stable value funds post high yields with relatively low risk, and your retirement plan could already be invested in this asset class. MetLife says that more than eight in 10 defined contribution plan… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 27, 2023

Robo-advisors are poised to grow over $41 billion by 2027. And Zurich-based bank UBS is targeting tech-savvy investors with the acquisition of one of the top robo-advisors, Wealthfront. Financial… Read more

by Arturo Conde May 09, 2023

Retirees are sitting on a record level of home equity, with data showing that their housing wealth has grown $396.1 billion to $10.19 trillion in the third quarter of 2021. For some seniors, this… Read more

by Arturo Conde Nov 17, 2021

President Joe Biden signed the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act into law on Nov. 15. Over the next few years, states will get multi-billion dollar windfall investments in physical… Read more