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Amelia Josephson

Mortgage, Home Buying and Credit Card Expert

Amelia Josephson is a writer passionate about covering financial literacy topics. Her areas of expertise include retirement and home buying. Amelia's work has appeared across the web, including on AOL, CBS News and The Simple Dollar. She holds degrees from Columbia and Oxford. Originally from Alaska, Amelia now calls Brooklyn home.

Posts by Amelia Josephson:

by Amelia Josephson Feb 28, 2022

Almost 11 million people live in North Carolina, a fast-growing state with highly productive pockets such as the Research Triangle. The Tar Heel State combines natural beauty with technological innovation and a high quality of life. There are even a herd of top financial advisor firms ready to help you get your finances on track. So if you’re thinking of moving to North Carolina, you’re not alone. But before you go, here are 15 things to know about the state.  Read more

by Amelia Josephson Oct 05, 2016

A credit card grace period gives you a chance to pay your credit card bill before interest and fees kick in. There’s always a little time between when your billing cycle ends and when your payment is due to the credit card company. That’s the credit card grace period. If you miss that grace period, interest will accrue on the unpaid balance.  Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 14, 2021

A Ponzi scheme is a kind of investment scam in which investors of longer standing are paid with the buy-in contributions of newer investors. To avoid collapse, a Ponzi scheme must secure a continual supply of new investors. When a Ponzi scheme is exposed or otherwise comes to an end investors face disastrous consequences. The most catastrophic example of a Ponzi scheme – and the largest financial fraud in U.S. history – is the one perpetrated by Bernie Madoff, a once-respected Wall Street leader who swindled some 4,800 clients out of nearly $65 billion. Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 30, 2022

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring someone outside of your business to complete a specific project or task. The work that would either fall onto the business owner’s plate or require an internal… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 12, 2022

Oregon’s population hit the 4.25 million mark in 2022. According to the Census Bureau, the state’s population grew by 10.6% between 2010 and 2020. This is faster than the nation’s growth rate of 7.4%… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Jan 11, 2022

Representation in civil lawsuits doesn’t come cheap. In the best-case scenario, you’ll be awarded money at the end of either a trial or a settlement process. But before you blow your settlement, keep… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Nov 05, 2022

SEPP, which stands for substantially equal periodic payments, is a little-known program that can enable you to withdraw money from your IRA or 401(k) before age 59.5 without facing an early… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 23, 2016

We seem to have a fascination with the net worth of celebrities, but the wealthy aren’t the only ones whose net worth is of interest. It’s a good idea to know your own net worth so you can assess the… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 12, 2022

Texas boasts impressive job growth, diverse cities and energy boomtowns. Add the rich culture and the relatively affordable housing and it’s no wonder people are flocking to the Lone Star State. The… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Aug 22, 2022

Unions are controversial in the U.S. – more controversial, in fact, than they are in some other countries. Here in the States, some people tout unions as essential to a strong working class, while… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 12, 2022

Free college has become a mainstream topic in political debates across the country. Should every American be able to get a bachelor’s degree at no cost? What are the pros and cons of free college? If… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 20, 2022

The Sunshine State is a popular destination for those who want to move to warmer climes. Larger cities like Orlando even have some of the top financial advisor firms in the area, helping you to… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Nov 17, 2022

If you have a pension, you’re one of the lucky ones. Defined benefit retirement plans like pensions are increasingly rare, having been largely replaced by defined contribution plans like the 401(k).… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Oct 01, 2022

Investors often consider a company’s debt-to-equity ratio when evaluating the stock. If the number is roughly 4, it means that for every shareholder dollar, there is $4 of debt. What’s high or low,… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 22, 2022

APR stands for annual percentage rate. The APR on a loan or other debt gives you a more complete picture of how the debt will accumulate than you would get from the interest rate alone. A good APR… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 20, 2022

Colorado has attracted many new residents who are drawn to the high quality of life in the state. The combination of job opportunities, beautiful weather, scenic views and a culture of wellness has… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 09, 2022

NAFTA, or North American Free Trade Agreement, went into effect in 1994, removing many tariffs and other barriers to trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Since then, trade between the three… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 06, 2022

America’s 49th state is famous for its natural beauty. It’s on a lot of bucket lists as a travel destination, but many wonder what it might be like to live there? If you’re thinking about moving to… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Oct 21, 2022

If you’ve ever taken a look at your pay stubs you’ve probably noticed your employer’s tax withholding. Based on the W-4 form that you submit when you start a new job or your tax situation changes,… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Aug 04, 2022

P/E ratio, or price-to-earnings ratio, is a quick way to see if a stock is undervalued or overvalued. And so generally speaking, the lower the P/E ratio is, the better it is for both the business and… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Aug 26, 2022

When you go to the polls to vote for a president every four years, you’re participating in an indirect vote. Why is it indirect? Well, because of the electoral college. Some say the electoral college… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 07, 2022

If the thought of enduring another snowy winter fills you with dread, you might consider a move to California. Millennials taking tech jobs in high-cost-of-living San Francisco aren’t the only ones… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Aug 23, 2016

You’ve probably heard the phrases “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market” but do you know the difference between the two? In a buyer’s market, there is plenty of housing inventory on the market and… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Oct 01, 2022

COBRA continuation coverage lets you stay on your employer’s group health insurance plan after leaving your job. COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. It’s shorthand… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Nov 09, 2017

For many people, car insurance is a major expense category in the household budget. And because it’s against the law to drive without car insurance, it’s not a budget item that can be eliminated… Read more