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Amelia Josephson

Mortgage, Home Buying and Credit Card Expert

Amelia Josephson is a writer passionate about covering financial literacy topics. Her areas of expertise include retirement and home buying. Amelia's work has appeared across the web, including on AOL, CBS News and The Simple Dollar. She holds degrees from Columbia and Oxford. Originally from Alaska, Amelia now calls Brooklyn home.

Posts by Amelia Josephson:

by Amelia Josephson Feb 14, 2020

Have you heard the term “non-employment”? Wondering how it’s different from unemployment? We’ve got you covered. Read more

by Amelia Josephson May 27, 2015

Maybe your 401(k) is invested in a target date fund, or you’re considering a target date fund for your IRA. You should know about the growing debate around an important question: How well do these funds work as retirement savings vehicles? Read on for the pros and cons of these popular funds.  Read more

by Amelia Josephson Mar 01, 2018

Many Americans are giving up their studio apartments in expensive cities and making the move to more up-and-coming (read: affordable) locations. The pros? Lower living costs, a fresh start and a potential end to money worries. But before you book that moving van, read on to find out if heading to a less expensive city could be right for you. Read more

by Amelia Josephson Jan 09, 2015

According to the Self Storage Association, a trade organization for the self storage industry, total rentable self storage space in the US hit 2.3 billion square feet as of the end of 2013. That’s… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Mar 14, 2018

Have you heard people talking about the so-called “inversions” that are costing the US government tax dollars? No, the term “inversion” doesn’t refer to yoga poses in this case. Inversion is a… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 20, 2016

Oh, the elusive work-life balance. If you’ve got it, congratulations. If not, you have my sympathies. We get why you might feel over-committed to your job. We all want to succeed at work – and stay… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Apr 20, 2015

Feeling a little overspent? Why not try a spending diet? It could be just what you need to get your financial house in order. Read more

by Amelia Josephson Dec 19, 2017

The start of the new year means it’s time for many people to make their New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you want to improve your physical fitness, sleep more or eat better (especially after all that… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Dec 30, 2014

If you’re a regular on personal finance sites, you may be under the impression that spending is never OK. At SmartAsset, though, we realize that too much frugality and not enough reward can lead to… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Jul 05, 2018

There’s a trend in personal finance that has nothing to do with banks and everything to do with friends helping friends – or even strangers. Have we piqued your curiosity? We’ll tell you what it’s… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Sep 19, 2019

We all know that a safe approach to personal finance falls somewhere between the two extremes of betting your paycheck on a card game and putting all your money under the mattress. Exactly where you… Read more

by Amelia Josephson May 29, 2019

If you’ve got questions about mortgages, you stand in good company. Mortgages are bewildering, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or not. This roundup will answer how you can negotiate the best… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Feb 14, 2020

Long on motivation and short on time? You may be wondering how to find the hours in the day for a side job to supplement your income. We can help with that.  Read more

by Amelia Josephson Dec 10, 2014

Travel, gifts, special meals, decorations, party outfits…It can feel like the holiday season was designed to make you break your budget. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. Let us explain. Read more

by Amelia Josephson Dec 21, 2017

Think back to the first job you ever had as an adult. We’ll bet you spent just about all that money soon after you got paid and imagined all the things you’d do with a higher income. What about now?… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Dec 23, 2014

Now that you’ve indulged in Thanksgiving excess and dipped your toe into holiday shopping, isn’t it time you showed a charity some love? You may know that charitable donations are tax-deductible, but… Read more

by Amelia Josephson Jul 05, 2018

You hate it, I hate it, everybody hates it. Sometimes, though, asking for financial help is the only way out of a jam. With the holiday season coming up, chances are your relatives are asking you… Read more