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Amanda Dixon

Banking and Tax Expert

Amanda Dixon is a personal finance writer and editor with an expertise in taxes and banking. She studied journalism and sociology at the University of Georgia. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, AOL, Bankrate, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Mashable and CBS News. Born and raised in metro Atlanta, Amanda currently lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Amanda Dixon:

by Amanda Dixon Sep 29, 2016

What happens on Wall Street has a major influence on the U.S. economy and financial systems around the world. So in order to become a part of this exclusive group of investors, bankers and financial experts, you’ll need to prove that you have what it takes to succeed. If you’re dying to work at the New York Stock Exchange or Goldman Sachs, read on to learn how to get a job on Wall Street. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 28, 2016

Hurricane season begins May 15 in the East Pacific Ocean and June 1 in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Central Pacific Oceans. But the season typically reaches its peak between mid-August and late October. If you live along the coast, it’s a good idea to board up your windows and doors and ensure that you have enough food and supplies. If you’re a business owner, it’s also important to be ready for the worst-case scenario. Check out several ways that companies can protect themselves during hurricane season. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 27, 2016

Don’t sleep on minor league baseball. Even some of the worst teams in the league manage to attract thousands of fans each season. Besides being able to find super-cheap tickets, the folks who attend minor league games get to root for teams with interesting names and wacky uniforms. To honor this sport’s die-hard fans, SmartAsset ranked the best minor league baseball cities and towns in America. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 07, 2016

Entering the nursing field might not be a bad idea. The average growth rate for all jobs is 7%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But growth for nursing jobs is expected to be a lot faster… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 19, 2016

The monthly jobs reports (also known as the Employment Situation Surveys) offer insight into what’s happening in the economy. Investors, economists, employers and consumers use the information in… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jun 11, 2018

Maintaining a good credit score isn’t always easy. Maxing out credit cards, making late payments and failing to pay off your student loan debt are just a few moves that can hurt your credit. Even… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 13, 2016

Convincing politicians on both sides of the aisle to agree on anything can be a daunting task. Conservatives and liberals have opposing viewpoints on everything from immigration to healthcare and… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 13, 2016

A college town can be a fun place to live even as an older adult. There are often endless activities to participate in from football and hockey games to concerts and cultural events. And since the… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 08, 2021

The idea of the estate tax, or death tax as it’s sometimes known, is scary for many Americans. This is understandable, though the real truth is that the vast majority of people will never encounter… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 09, 2018

The average cost of a wedding is now well over $30,000. Coming up with enough cash to pay for the reception, the dress and the food can be difficult for brides and grooms. Wedding guests can also… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 18, 2021

Sin taxes are meant to dissuade people from participating in activities considered harmful to their health and well-being. Places around the country tax consumers for buying things like tobacco and… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 31, 2016

Deciding where to teach isn’t always easy. Besides considering school quality and culture, teachers looking for jobs in any given area have to think about whether they’ll be able to afford to live… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 23, 2019

What would you do with a million dollars? Would you immediately pay off your student loans and your credit card debt? Or would you take that trip you’ve been planning for years? These days, becoming… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 29, 2016

Losing your job isn’t the end of the world. But getting laid off can leave you in a sticky financial situation, especially if you never got around to creating an emergency fund. When you don’t have… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 14, 2018

Which state capitals have the highest standard of living? For many people, the answer to that question is a matter of opinion that depends on what’s most important to them. If you can’t decide… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 16, 2016

If you’re interested in changing jobs or launching a new career, it helps to look at the employment outlook for your new venture. When a particular profession has strong job growth, job hunters can… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 12, 2016

When you start a new job, there’s typically a laundry list of things that you have to do during your onboarding process. In addition to meeting your new co-workers and filling out various documents … Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jun 06, 2018

Accepting a job offer is exciting. But before you can settle into your new work space, you’ll need to complete a lot of paperwork, enroll in your 401(k) plan (if your company offers one) and fill out… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 21, 2017

Moving to San Francisco might not be such a bad idea. From its world-class restaurants to its breathtaking views, the city has a lot to offer. At the same time, its known for being an unaffordable… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 10, 2016

Startups seem to be popping up everywhere. But recent reports show that startup creation is actually on the decline. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of new firms introduced… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 20, 2018

Parents often take multiple factors into account when thinking about where they want to raise their kids. Ideally, many would like to live somewhere safe where there’s a good school district, clean… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 03, 2016

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life. But once you say your vows and cut the cake, the dress you spent thousands of dollars on no longer serves a purpose. While you… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 03, 2016

Hunting for a new apartment? Don’t be surprised if your landlord says that she needs to check your credit before you sign a lease. In addition to contacting references, landlords often run credit… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 26, 2016

The U.S. added roughly 287,000 jobs in June 2016, exceeding most economists’ expectations. This was the highest monthly growth in jobs since October 2015 and it eased many people’s concerns that the… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 20, 2016

If you’ve been admitted to multiple colleges, your biggest dilemma could be deciding which one to attend. One thing you’ll need to consider is the amount of financial aid that each college is willing… Read more