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Amanda Dixon

Banking and Tax Expert

Amanda Dixon is a personal finance writer and editor with an expertise in taxes and banking. She studied journalism and sociology at the University of Georgia. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, AOL, Bankrate, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Mashable and CBS News. Born and raised in metro Atlanta, Amanda currently lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Amanda Dixon:

by Amanda Dixon Aug 01, 2019

People tend to celebrate when gas prices and food costs drop. Who doesn’t love having more money to spend? Having a little extra cash in your pocket can certainly feel like a blessing, especially if you’re in the process of paying off loans or growing your retirement nest egg. If prices overall are on the decline, however, that could be a sign that the economy is experiencing deflation. Deflation Defined You’re probably fairly familiar with how inflation works. There’s inflation whenever prices of goods and services are consistently rising. And as a result, consumers have less purchasing power, because their money isn’t worth as much as it once was. Deflation is the opposite of inflation. To say that there’s deflation is to say that costs are falling across the board. It’s not the same as disinflation, which happens when inflation slows down but prices don’t drop. There are multiple causes of deflation. Deflation can occur when the demand for goods and services decreases or when the… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Nov 11, 2015

There comes a time when businesses decide to take the plunge and go from being privately-held companies to public ones. This move gives business owners the opportunity to sell stocks to the general public rather than just a few shareholders. In stock market terms, it’s referred to as seeking an initial public offering (IPO). Never heard of an IPO before? We’ll break it down. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Oct 09, 2015

Chances are your fall calendar is already full of important dates that you’ve circled, highlighted or marked with a sticky note. You jotted in the day that your mortgage bill is due, your aunt’s birthday and the date of your next dentist appointment. But you’ll also need to write down the deadlines related to your personal finances. Check out four dates you won’t want to forget. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Nov 07, 2017

Many Americans use debit cards to pay for food, clothing and everything else under the sun. Research suggests that millennials in particular prefer debit cards over credit cards and more than a third… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 12, 2016

Investors sometimes see the prices of their securities rise one day and fall the next. At times, however, it might seem as though there’s a pattern as the value of certain securities moves… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 12, 2016

A number of issues stand out as hot topics in the 2016 presidential race, including immigration reform, healthcare and taxes. Even members of the same political party have varying opinions on how to… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 28, 2015

There are certain phrases that we come into contact with on a regular basis. Even though other people use them all the time, we don’t actually understand what they mean and we’ve never taken the time… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Apr 10, 2018

Anyone who runs a small business probably knows that managing company finances is not always easy.  Keeping track of the money that’s flowing in and out can be challenging and time consuming,… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 19, 2016

Your credit score can affect everything from whether you can buy a home to whether you can refinance your student loans. Maybe your score is low because you’ve recently applied for multiple credit… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 16, 2018

When you’re someone with a high net worth, taxes can take a big bite out of your paycheck and your capital gains. And if you’re nearing retirement, your tax burden can be even harder to bear,… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 26, 2018

Whether you’re planning to leave the U.S. for a wedding in Italy or you want to try your luck at investing in a foreign market, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of exchange rates. They… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Nov 06, 2017

It’s no secret that college is expensive. Tuition and fees often increase on a yearly basis, and student loan debt is practically unavoidable for many Americans seeking four-year degrees. When the… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 31, 2016

As much as you wish it would, your student loan debt isn’t going to magically disappear. Counting on student loan forgiveness might not work, especially if you can’t afford to make 120 on-time… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 14, 2018

In the past, all banking was done in person. You couldn’t deposit a check or transfer a payment without visiting a brick-and-mortar bank or an ATM. Technology has transformed every aspect of our… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Sep 22, 2015

Austerity policies are nothing new. But talk about them in the news has recently escalated. In response to its ongoing debt crisis, the Greek government is preparing to implement austerity measures… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 18, 2017

Several images likely pop into your mind when you think about Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts: hiking, camping out in the woods and boxes of Thin Mints and those soft shortbread cookies. But there’s more… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 10, 2019

Tax season can be stressful. But for many taxpayers, there is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a tax refund. Indeed, many people even depend on their annual refund, using the windfall… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Oct 31, 2019

HUD loans are part of a vast network of government programs designed to make homeownership a reality for low-income Americans with less than favorable credit. However, you have to meet certain… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 18, 2019

If you’re interested in the real estate business and you’re passionate about helping others, you might want to think about becoming a professional agent. The job comes with quite a few perks. You’ll… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 16, 2016

The home-buying process can seem long-winded, especially if you’ve never gone through it before. By the time you near the closing stage, you may want to skirt over any steps that aren’t required.… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 11, 2019

In limited liability companies (LLCs), a single person usually isn’t fully responsible for company debts. Like other business owners, you’ll have to pay taxes if you’re a member of this type of… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 09, 2020

Form W-4, officially titled Employee’s Withholding Certificate, is a common and very important tax form. It helps your employer know how much federal income tax to withhold from your paychecks. That… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 12, 2016

Having another person move in gives you a lot to look forward to. Besides companionship, communal living can be a great way for you to boost your savings. Instead of spending most of your paycheck on… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 21, 2015

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. Many of us can’t make it through a single day without posting a funny picture on Instagram or sharing a video on Snapchat. If you’re hunting for… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Dec 10, 2019

One of the most important tax forms is the W-2. Unlike many tax forms, most individuals taxpayers won’t need to fill this one out themselves. Rather, employers fill out W-2 forms for their employees.… Read more