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Amanda Dixon

Banking and Tax Expert

Amanda Dixon is a personal finance writer and editor with an expertise in taxes and banking. She studied journalism and sociology at the University of Georgia. Her work has been featured in Business Insider, AOL, Bankrate, The Huffington Post, Fox Business News, Mashable and CBS News. Born and raised in metro Atlanta, Amanda currently lives in Brooklyn.

Posts by Amanda Dixon:

by Amanda Dixon Mar 17, 2017

You’ve been swiping your card all month. You bought jeans one day, groceries the next and then a last-minute birthday gift for your grandma – among other things. You weren’t tracking your spending and the time has come to face your statement. Maybe this is your first card and you don’t know how to read the bill. Or maybe you’re a seasoned cardholder who could use a refresher.  Read more

by Amanda Dixon Oct 19, 2018

If you’re a business owner moving into an office that’s being renovated or you’re looking to have construction work done, you might want to consider a surety bond. It’s a contract that ensures that projects are completed and expectations are met. Not to be confused with other types of bonds, surety bonds are about transferring risk from one party to another, not earning money. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Feb 28, 2018

Just about anyone can invest in the stock market. When it comes to something like day trading, however, you may find it’s best to leave that to the pros. Day trading is a complex practice that requires strategy and extensive background knowledge of how market indices operate. If you think it could be a good way for you to build your portfolio or make some extra money, it’s important to know that it’s risky. Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 18, 2019

The Nasdaq – we’ve all heard something about it at some point. You probably already know that it’s part of the stock market. And you’ve probably read a news article or heard a reporter talk about it… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jan 13, 2020

Buying a stock means getting into some risky business. Sure, they can help you earn money that you could put toward many things – a retirement account, an emergency fund, a down payment – but you… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Aug 02, 2019

U.S. savings bonds are essentially a loan you make to the government. When you buy a savings bond, you are giving money to the government in exchange for a guarantee you will get that money back,… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Mar 24, 2020

It’s virtually impossible to make it through the day without hearing something about the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Whether the Dow is up or down might not mean much to you if you’re a beginner… Read more

by Amanda Dixon May 12, 2021

The consumer price index (CPI) is one of the nation’s most closely watched economic metrics. The CPI, which comes out monthly, measures the year-over-year change in the cost of a basket of consumer… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 25, 2019

If you’re an investor looking to play it safe, treasury bonds could be the way to go. Also called T-bonds, they come straight from the government and can be held for up to 30 years. Although they’re… Read more

by Amanda Dixon Jul 26, 2019

It’s best to begin saving for retirement sooner rather than later to ensure that your 65-year-old self is as financially secure as possible. But all the jargon associated with retirement plans can… Read more