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Alex Silady

Home Buying and Banking Expert

Alex is a graduate of New York University's journalism school. He has penned and edited articles, features and videos for news, politics and entertainment websites, both in the US and abroad. His specialties are archival research and the history of finance. His areas of expertise include home buying, small businesses and banking. Alex's hobbies include video games, especially RPGs, and following NHL hockey.

Posts by Alex Silady:

by Alex Silady Jul 23, 2019

They’re as much of a holiday obligation as a card, a fancy dinner, or a phone call, de rigeur for certain people in our lives, as well as the go-to gesture for congratulations or apologies. And they constitute an industry that commands close to $34.3 billion in yearly revenue. Not bad for plant reproductive systems. But do you really need to buy your mother flowers on Mother’s Day? Read more

by Alex Silady Sep 20, 2018

A computer is only as good as the information that’s fed into it. That’s one of the truisms of programming that has held for as long as computers have existed, and ever since Charles Babbage and Ada Byron Lovelace designed the first “difference engine” in 1822, there has been a need for professionals to program them. Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 21, 2017

Ilse Blansert rearranges her stick-straight brown hair so that it’s out of her face and puts on a couple dabs of makeup to even out her pale complexion. Satisfied after checking her appearance in her webcam’s display, she gingerly attaches her microphones to her blouse lapels, careful not to let her fingertips touch the sensitive inputs. She gauges the sound levels that the microphones are picking up with a nearly silent “Testing-one-two-three.” Then, a sphinx-like smile on her face, she begins to whisper. Read more

by Alex Silady Feb 10, 2020

Thousands of fans attending in person, as well as millions more watching at home, strike up a cheer as the teams make their entrances for the playoff match. There’s been a bitter rivalry between the… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 22, 2016

It’s been a long, hard, snowy winter for much of America. Many people are relieved and excited to welcome the warmer weather of spring. But there are some people, and some businesses, who will miss… Read more

by Alex Silady Jun 11, 2018

Wall Street bigwig Bernie Madoff became infamous about five years ago when a fraudulent securities operation he was running collapsed and cost his investors, including hospitals and charities, $17.3… Read more

by Alex Silady Sep 25, 2017

A well-known real estate truism is that housing prices in America’s biggest cities are much higher than the national average. New Yorkers, for example, often complain that thousands of dollars a… Read more