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Alex Silady

Home Buying and Banking Expert

Alex is a graduate of New York University's journalism school. He has penned and edited articles, features and videos for news, politics and entertainment websites, both in the US and abroad. His specialties are archival research and the history of finance. His areas of expertise include home buying, small businesses and banking. Alex's hobbies include video games, especially RPGs, and following NHL hockey.

Posts by Alex Silady:

by Alex Silady Dec 28, 2014

Seated in the foothills of the Rockies, Boise is Idaho’s capital and most populous city, as well as the third largest metropolitan area in the Northwest (behind Seattle and Portland). Boise’s surrounding natural resources have all shaped its economy, as it still is an important provider and processor of lumber from the thick forests in the area, as well as other forms of energy for the region, and, yes, stereotypically enough, potato farms. Read more

by Alex Silady Mar 14, 2018

Not everyone has the time or qualifications to pick individual stocks and bonds to invest their hard-earned money in. That’s why mutual funds exist, so that many investors can pool their money in order for trained fund managers to purchase the same portfolios of securities for everyone involved. Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 21, 2017

The tech industry is booming across the country. From big cities to small ones, successful startups are taking root, and job prospects for tech workers are rising precipitously and show no signs of stopping. Lots of people want to get in on the tech boom, and SmartAsset wanted to find out what cities are truly making the most of it. Read more

by Alex Silady Nov 20, 2018

When considering where to put one’s money for safekeeping, the list of bank and credit union options seems endless. There are small local and regional financial institutions that can be entrusted… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 17, 2014

Des Moines, Iowa has three very different possible origins for its name, all of which speak to its historical heritage in different ways. Most commonly accepted is that it comes from the French for … Read more

by Alex Silady Jul 18, 2019

Across the country, real estate markets are much healthier than they were a few short years ago, when a housing bubble precipitated a much larger economic crisis. But some places have recovered… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 17, 2014

If Nashville can be said to have a Southern twang, it’s not just because of the accents – it’s the food and the guitars too. Nashville has long been America’s musical capital, and it’s well-known as… Read more

by Alex Silady Aug 06, 2014

What’s the price of a sunny day? Well, if you’re high-minded, you might say money can’t buy the experience of the sun warming your skin. But in a more down-to-earth sense, residents of some places… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 17, 2014

The name of Indianapolis, Indiana’s capital and largest city, is usually associated with one of the world’s most notable auto races (alongside Le Mans and the Monegasque Grand Prix), the Indianapolis… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 18, 2014

Roger Williams, the Puritan founder of Providence, Rhode Island, probably wouldn’t appreciate the spooky reputation his city now has as a haven for writers of the supernatural like the legendary… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 18, 2014

Newark, New Jersey (pronounced with a short a, unlike the city with the same spelling in Delaware) has a bit of an unfair reputation. Part of this has to do with its proximity to New York City, to… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 18, 2014

With Germany’s victory this past Sunday, the World Cup ended. Instead of suffer silently in withdrawal, we have decided to obsess just a little more. We want to look back at the triumphs and defeats… Read more

by Alex Silady Aug 05, 2015

There are many reasons to choose a city to live in, but most of them revolve around our basic needs: employment, cultural stimulation and education. But sooner or later, we all need healthcare,… Read more

by Alex Silady Jul 09, 2018

Ah, Portland: Where the outdoors are great, men have beards and everyone is gluten-free. It may be unfair to characterize the City of Roses as purely a hipster haven, but what do you expect from the… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 18, 2014

If it’s a nice place to visit, you may not want to live there – or vice-versa. SmartAsset has compared the percent growth in tourism and population in America’s twenty largest cities from 2009 and… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 18, 2014

Minneapolis is a “twin city,” alongside St. Paul, and any resident will be all too happy to tell you which is the superior of the two. The one thing it’s impossible not to notice about Minneapolis is… Read more

by Alex Silady Jun 30, 2014

Once every four years, in the height of the summer, the whole world turns its gaze to a single nation for the defining championship of the most popular sport on the planet. The FIFA World Cup (of… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 19, 2014

Most people know Salt Lake City for something that’s right there in the name – the Great Salt Lake – as well as for being the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, thanks… Read more

by Alex Silady Jan 02, 2015

Planning a summer road trip or vacation? National parks can be a big draw. But some are gaining in popularity while others are seeing fewer visitors. SmartAsset wanted to find out the current most… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 19, 2014

Once upon a time, Houston was the crown jewel of the independent Republic of Texas – and some of the residents may be convinced it still is. In many ways Houston was the first space-age city in the… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 19, 2014

Atlanta – or “Hotlanta,” as it’s so commonly said – has long been an iconic bastion of Southern culture. It was built on commerce – quite literally, as its location was chosen because two train… Read more

by Alex Silady Jul 05, 2018

Once upon a time, chocolate was unheard of across most of the world. From the 1800s BCE to the 16th century CE or so, it was exclusively consumed by a small group of people – Aztec nobles in what is… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 19, 2014

Phoenix has to have something going for it: It’s the most populous state capital in the US, and the sixth most-populous city overall, while being in the middle of a desert. Founded on the economic… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 21, 2017

As the last traces of the long and brutal winter disappear across the country and the weekends start to get warmer and sunnier, people of a certain mindset – let’s call them history nerds – start to… Read more

by Alex Silady Dec 21, 2017

The largest city in the rainy Pacific Northwest is Seattle, that Emerald City on the Puget Sound. Seattle’s name conjures up images of the Space Needle, depressing weather, flannel, and, as a… Read more