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Helpful Online Tools for Financial Advisors


In the dynamic world of financial advisory services, digital tools have become a game-changer. Over the past few years, the rise of fintech has transformed the landscape, providing financial advisors with an array of innovative tools to streamline operations, automate tasks and deliver more efficient services. These tools cater to a wide array of needs and situations, and their adoption often depends on the unique circumstances and requirements of each advisor’s client base.

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Financial Planning Tools

Financial planning tools are indispensable for advisors looking to enhance their advisory services. These tools offer accurate financial projections, track financial goals and generate comprehensive reports, thereby providing a holistic financial planning solution. They also proactively support the roles of debt management, budgeting and tracking investments. Financial advisors often recommend these tools during the initial stages of client financial assessments, helping set a solid foundation for future financial planning.

Here are three popular financial planning platforms to consider:


MoneyGuide is a robust financial planning software that helps financial advisors create detailed financial plans for their clients. It offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features that make it a valuable asset for advisors. Additionally, it can model various scenarios, allowing advisors to assess the impact of different financial decisions on their clients’ retirement goals. MoneyGuide offers several different solutions, including its Wealth Studios tool that can help advisors game out “advanced estate planning strategies” and make dynamic net worth projections.


eMoneyPro is another popular financial planning tool that offers a wide range of features for financial advisors. The platform can support everything from cash flow and retirement income planning to “comprehensive tax calculations” and estate planning. eMoneyPro offers four different levels of service: Plus, Pro, Premier and Engage.


RightCapital is known for its user-friendly interface and robust financial planning capabilities. It covers various aspects of financial planning, including retirement, tax planning and estate planning. RightCapital’s tax planning features are particularly noteworthy. It can help financial advisors optimize their clients’ tax strategies by identifying opportunities for tax-efficient investing and income distribution. This can potentially enhance the after-tax returns on investments and improve overall financial outcomes.

Retirement Planning Calculators

Retirement planning calculators can help advisors better meet the needs of their clients.

Strategic financial planning often requires a reliable retirement planning calculator. These tools provide detailed projections of retirement income based on various factors such as current savings, investment returns and retirement age. They allow advisors to illustrate potential future scenarios to their clients and establish comprehensive retirement plans.

Here are three popular options to consider using:

Fidelity’s IRA Conversion Analyzer

Fidelity’s IRA Conversion Analyzer is a powerful tool for financial advisors and their clients who want to convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. This calculator provides valuable insights into the potential tax implications of such a conversion. It takes into account factors like your client’s age, current IRA balance, tax bracket and expected retirement age.

Fidelity’s IRA RMD Planner

Required minimum distributions (RMDs) are a critical aspect of retirement planning. Fidelity’s IRA RMD Planner simplifies the process of calculating RMDs for traditional IRAs. Financial advisors can input their client’s birthdate, IRA balance and other relevant details to determine the annual RMD amount.

This tool can help clients avoid costly penalties associated with failing to take their RMDs on time. By accurately calculating RMDs, financial advisors can ensure that their clients meet their legal obligations while preserving their retirement savings for as long as possible.

SmartAsset Retirement Calculator

SmartAsset’s Retirement Calculator is a comprehensive tool that goes beyond the scope of traditional IRA-focused calculators. It considers various aspects of retirement planning, including income sources, expenses, Social Security benefits and investment returns. This free calculator provides a holistic view of a client’s retirement readiness.

Scheduling Tools

Scheduling is a vital process in financial advisory services, not only for better time management but also to ensure smooth and effective client-advisor communications. Scheduling platforms like Bookeo and Calendly streamline this aspect, offering convenience to both parties and permitting clients to book appointments at times suitable for them.


Bookeo is a versatile scheduling and reservation tool tailored for various industries, including financial advising. One of its key strengths is its flexibility in customizing booking options. Financial advisors can set specific appointment types, duration and pricing, ensuring that clients have a tailored experience when scheduling meetings.

Another standout feature is Bookeo’s integration capabilities. This web-based tool seamlessly syncs with popular calendar apps like Google Calendar, preventing double bookings and saving valuable time. Additionally, Bookeo offers the convenience of sending automated reminders to clients, reducing no-shows and missed appointments.


Calendly, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface and simplicity. It’s a great option for financial advisors looking for a straightforward scheduling tool. With Calendly, advisors can create different event types with specific availability slots, making it easy for clients to choose a suitable time.

Calendly also excels in its integration capabilities, connecting with various calendar apps and financial software, making it an efficient choice for advisors who value seamless data flow. Calendly has both a web-based version and a mobile app.

Portfolio Analysis Tools

Financial advisors review a new portfolio analysis software together.

Portfolio analysis tools provide deeper insights into client investments and market trends. They offer features like risk analysis, performance tracking and comparison with benchmarks. Here are three popular options to potentially consider:

Morningstar Fund Screener

Morningstar Fund Screener is a powerful tool that allows financial advisors to filter and screen 13,000 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) based on a wide range of criteria. Advisors can search for funds by performance, expenses, risk and other key factors. Morningstar provides detailed fund data, including historical returns, risk metrics and analyst ratings. This tool can help advisors identify suitable funds that align with their clients’ investment objectives and risk tolerance.

BlackRock 360° Evaluator

BlackRock 360 Evaluator, developed by the global investment management firm BlackRock, offers financial advisors access to a comprehensive database of investment products. It provides in-depth analysis, risk assessment and portfolio construction capabilities. Advisors can create and manage portfolios, evaluate investment options and assess the impact of different strategies on their clients’ financial goals.


FundVisualizer is a free portfolio analysis tool designed for financial professionals and powered by Morningstar data. It offers a wide range of features, including side-by-side fund comparisons, customizable reports and interactive charts. FundVisualizer’s intuitive interface simplifies the process of building and rebalancing portfolios, making it a potentially valuable asset in the advisor’s toolkit.

Bottom Line

The digital tools highlighted in this article play a critical role in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of financial advisors. These tools bring improvements in financial planning, make scheduling more seamless and offer deeper portfolio analyses. Leveraging these tools can contribute to a more personalized and effective financial advising session, providing advisors an edge in an increasingly competitive industry.

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